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Long-Term Support Package

1-on-1 support with Dr. Kimberly Spair

This package includes the cornerstone pieces of healing as well as long term support, communication, and education. The extended time together will allow us to build a strong protocol step by step and enables us to support you through the cleansing and rebuilding process without overwhelm.

If you are feeling ready to start this journey and want to feel completely supported every step of the way, this package is for you. 

Not to be used for fertility/pregnancy.

This package includes

  • 50 Minute Initial Health Intuitive Reading
  • 6: 25 minute follow ups
Price: $1300

Short-Term Support Package

1-on-1 support with Dr. Kimberly Spair

If you’re absolutely fed up with the state of your health and ready to start reclaiming your life, this package is for you. You’ll have the support you need to radically improve your diet, fine-tune your supplements, and arm yourself with the knowledge and tools you need to bring your body back into balance.

Not to be used for fertility/pregnancy.

This package includes

  • 50 Minute Initial Health Intuitive Reading
  • 3: 25 minute follow ups
Price: $813

Fertility / Pregnancy / Postpartum Support Package

1-on-1 support with Dr. Kimberly Spair

Kimberly supports pregnant women, those trying to conceive, postpartum moms, babies, and children all over the world.

The Pregnancy/Fertility/Postpartum Support Package receives priority booking. Sessions can be used when trying to conceive, during pregnancy, and during the postpartum period to consult for both mom and newborn.

This package includes

  • 50 Minute Consultation
  • 8: 25 minute follow-ups to be used monthly
Price: $1700

Returning Clients
Follow-Up Packages

To be used by established clients only.

25 Minute Follow Up Package 5 Sessions


50 Minute Follow Up Package 5 Sessions


Please note the following

Long Term Support Package: Calls must be used within 6 months of the initial call.

Short Term Support Packgae: Calls must be used within 3 months of the initial call.

Fertility/Pregnancy Package calls must be used within 9 months.

Follow Up Packages to be used within 9 months.

Once package booking is confirmed, book your follow-up sessions here. Please book all follow-ups upfront to ensure that all appointments are able to be reserved.

What Clients Say

“6 months ago I couldn’t stand up on my own. Today, I went to yoga. I was scared, and while I wasn’t doing handstands, I did so much more than I could have imagined just long ago. Thank you Medical Medium and Kimberly at ROH.”

“I’m immensely grateful for Kimberly’s intuition. During a call with her in July, I described the explosion of what I thought at the time, were detox symptoms. She distinctly asked, “Are you sure you don’t have mold in your house?” It got me thinking more critically, then 2 days later the rainstorm hit & water came flooding through our kitchen ceiling. It exposed a slow roof leak & the toxic black mold that was festering in our attic for some time. What a blessing in disguise. We left the house, went through remediation in the cleanest way possible, supported by body, and my incessant itching is GONE.”

“Kimberly, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me how to implement protocols from Anthony’s book. I knew the book was the answer for me, but I had no idea where to start. I’ve now lost 12 lbs! I’ve been prediabetic for years and my A1C is now normal! I’ve halved my thyroid meds and now know I can be free of them after 30 years! My MD is shocked! My energy has returned and I am sleeping, which was my biggest complaint! The breast I had breast cancer in years ago broke out in a severe rash and cleared as I detoxed and I finally feel the radiation is on it’s way out. I love Anthony and I love you guys! I will be spreading Reclaimers of Health far and wide, to all those who are suffering.”

Work with Kimberly


Browse the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.
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Are appointments virtual?

We connect with clients within US/Canada over the phone for their appointments. Please provide the best number to reach you when booking appointments.

What if I’m outside the US or Canada?

We use Skype audio to connect with international clients. Download Skype for free.

Can you help me with unexplained symptoms?

Yes. Kimberly has years of experience working with clients that have unexplained or mystery symptoms. 

Can I book a follow-up appointment without booking an initial consultation?

We ask that all clients book an initial consultation before booking a follow-up appointment with Kimberly. During consultations, Kimberly spends more time assessing client needs through her tailored protocol. This process is designed with our greatest client needs in mind.

What types of symptoms and conditions does Kimberly consult on and have experience working with?

Kimberly is available for consultation on a wide range of symptoms, diseases, and mystery illnesses. Conditions range from common colds, flu, and viruses to chronic pain and other long-term health issues.

Examples include:

  • Autoimmune Disorders (Hashimoto’s, Graves, Lupus, etc.)
  • Lyme
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • ADHD
  • Autism/developmental disorders
  • Digestive disorders
  • Allergies and asthma
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression/Anxiety/PTSD
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Sleep disorders
  • Hormonal challenges
  • Addictions
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure and cholesterol

Holistic Health Consulting goes beyond diagnosing a single symptom or group of symptoms and instead focuses on treating the entire person. It is not in Kimberly’s practice to chase lab values, treat and suppress symptoms with medications/supplements, or have our clients endure countless diagnostic tests only to leave them with thousands of dollar’s worth of lab work that even the best and most well-meaning professionals are unable to piece together.

Instead, Kimberly’s MISSION to encourage healing in the body from the inside out in the way that God intended.

Lifestyle & environmental factors are important.

In addition to addressing your immediate symptoms or concerns, Kimberly will also discuss aspects of your life that you may not associate with your physical health, including stress management, sleep, diet, social life, work life, and relationships.

Kimberly spends time with clients listening to their histories, looking at the interactions among environmental and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health. Following your first consult, you will have a better understanding of how the body was designed to HEAL.

Whether you have suffered from chronic and debilitating symptoms for most of your life, or have no health complaints, this consult will help to inspire, encourage, and empower you to live a healthier life.

How is the Medical Medium protocol different than what I’ve tried before?

If you feel as though you’ve already tried many different protocols and modalities to improve your health, but have found you’re still not where you had hoped to be, there’s good reason. Conventional and alternative medicine both see the majority of chronic health conditions as somehow being the fault of the human body.

Anthony William, Medical Medium, describes this as the 4 big jokes that have been played on us for generations. Have you noticed that when the Medical community doesn’t know exactly what’s happening and how to treat your condition, it often becomes your fault?

The 4 Outdated Approaches to Looking at Illness

Here are 4 examples of outdated approaches that may have been holding you back from healing.

The misguided theory of Autoimmunity.

This is, of course, the idea that the body has turned against itself and is attacking different organs, glands, and joints in the body. We now know this is outdated information and couldn’t be further from the truth. This gives us the opportunity to treat the viral infection that’s at the heart of the issue, which will allow the body to heal once and for all.


The belief that you came into the world with faulty genes, or that some sort of trigger has switched on bad genes. Once again, this makes your chronic health issue the fault of your own body. Our genes are not to blame. There are outside pathogens and toxins that are directly connected to the dramatic rise in today’s chronic health issues and passed down through our family lines. It’s vital that we don’t waste time placing the burden on our genetics.

Labeling you with a diagnosis, even though everything about it is still a mystery.

Often times we hope a diagnosis will be the end of our suffering and the beginning of the solution. However, this is rarely the case. More often than not, a diagnosis still leaves you confused about your symptoms and the necessary steps that lead to healing. We don’t believe that medicating symptoms based on a diagnosis is a real solution. We encourage you to dream bigger!

You created or manifested your illness.

One of the current circulating trends is that we’ve brought these conditions on ourselves by not being positive enough or by suppressing negative emotions. Anyone who’s suffered from chronic illness can personally attest to how devastating and insulting this idea is. Healing via this protocol does frequently improve not only your physical body but your soul and spirit as well. However, no one is sick because they’ve manifested it. It is not your fault.

This protocol is radically different than what you’ve tried before because Kimberly addresses what lies at the core of today’s unique health challenges.

Focus is on guiding the body back to health by removing all foods that are feeding the viral and bacterial issue while boosting the immune system so it can gain the upper hand again. Kimberly also work to detoxify the body, replenish deficiencies and use herbal anti-viral and antibiotics to help you diminish pathogens. You are designed to heal and we know a full life is within your reach.

My doctor told me that my body is attacking itself and that is why I have an autoimmune condition. Is this true, what do you think about autoimmunity and healing?

Autoimmunity, isn’t. It isn’t why you feel sick and exhausted. It isn’t why your hair is falling out and why all your joints ache. I know that’s what you’ve been told. I know you’ve been told that your body has turned against you, dear one, but it hasn’t. It loves you more than you can imagine, it’s been working for you since your very first breath and it will continue to do so until your very last. This is a radical shift and it has the power to propel you forward like nothing else has.

Sometimes, when an idea is so big and has been the norm for so long, we stop questioning its validity. In this situation, that’s lead to the autoimmune theory running rampant and keeping generation after generation from the truth. We all know the Medical community, while well intentioned, has been wrong about things in the past. There was a time not so long ago when doctors were chain smoking, prescribing coca cola and blaming everything on hysteria. It’s important to stay open to the fact that the idea behind autoimmunity could be and is, another outdated fallacy on our journey towards the truth.

If you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and thought your body was attacking itself, you’ve probably felt down and wondered how you could ever possibly “get behind” yourself enough to heal. That sort of thinking and way of treatment immediately serves to separate you from the brilliant miracle of your body. In many cases, autoimmune patients even go as far as taking medication to suppress their natural defender; the immune system.

Thanks to Anthony William “Medical Medium”, we can now move beyond old theories and finally address The Unforgiving Four that are at the true cause of the autoimmune epidemic, and heal them once and for all.

#1. The Viral Explosion

An astonishing number of people are dealing with varying strains of a low grade viral infection and it’s causing symptoms and diagnoses of all kinds. Thyroid disorder, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lyme disease, and chronic fatigue syndrome are just a few of the many chronic health issues that are rooted in, and need to be addressed as a viral issue.

For example, in the case of thyroid disease, your body is going after the virus located inside the thyroid, not the thyroid itself. When you begin to treat the issue as viral, everything changes. Many tend to want to take this information to a practitioner in hopes that it can be confirmed via testing. Unfortunately, there is no accurate testing for these stealth viruses. They may be able to tell you if the virus is currently active in your bloodstream, but they will not be able to show if the virus is nesting, active, or causing problems in your respective organs and tissues.

The medical community is also unaware that there are over 60 version of Epstein Barr alone and each different variety has a varying degree of aggressiveness. Some are more docile and you may never even have symptoms or be aware the issue is there until very late in life. Others are stronger and tend to affect us in our 30’s and 40’s. The most tenacious strains go beyond that and can cause serious health issues such as leukemia and organ failure, even in young children.

#2. DDT

DDT (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) is another stellar example of something we once thought was a good idea but now know we had a lot to learn. Even though it’s no longer in use in the U.S., it’s still being used overseas, and many other toxic pesticides have taken its place here at home.

DDT has the ability to pass down through family lines and weaken our immune system, leaving us more open to viral attacks than ever before. Although we still feel and see the effects of its use today, we now have the information and knowledge to protect ourselves going forward.

#3. Radiation

We all know radiation is harmful, but our exposure to it isn’t limited to x-rays or air travel. In today’s world, radiation is coming in from a multitude of sources and will only increase overtime.

Because it has the ability to disrupt the endocrine and immune system, it’s contributing to the ever-growing number of people affected by cancer and chronic disease.

Unfortunately, it’s another thing that we not only accumulate in our lifetime but something we inherited from our family lines. At one time, it wasn’t common knowledge that radiation was harmful. It was a regular part of our culture and we weren’t educated on how to properly protect ourselves when being exposed. As the saying goes, “know better, do better”. It’s vital that we do everything in our power to detox radiation from our bodies and arm ourselves from future exposure, now that we know the truth.

#4. Heavy Metals

Just like DDT and Radiation, toxic heavy metals accumulate in our bodies not just from our own exposure, but also passed down in our bloodline from generations before us.

Heavy metals have the ability to cause plenty of issues on their own such as Parkinson’s, Autism, and ADHD, but they also compound to the autoimmune issue as they are a favorite food source of viruses. An important part of treating viral activity is making sure to remove the various food and elements it feeds on.

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