Holistic Family Wellness: Expert Tips from Dr. Kimberly

Holistic advice on family wellness from Dr. Kimberly. Tips for immunity, back-to-school challenges, developmental feeding milestones, and more.

Somavedic: 5 Benefits For Children

May 2, 2024
As a mom of three and a wellness practitioner who works with moms and their children, I’m constantly seeking ways to create a safe and nurturing environment for my family and those I work with....

Back to School in Current Times

Aug 7, 2020
New Back to School Challenges Back to school time is quite typically a challenging and stressful time for many families. Changing of schedules, increase in academic demands, etc., but this year, life has certainly thrown...

Developmental Feeding Milestones

Mar 27, 2020
Developmental Feeding Milestones By Kimberly Spair, Speech/Language Pathologist from Reclaimers of Health and guest Melissa McDonald, Speech/Language Pathologist and Certified Lactation Counselor We wanted to take the opportunity to collaborate on this blog in order...

Back to School Worries (and How to Deal)

Aug 15, 2019
During the summer months, most of you mamas have been killin’ it! You’ve had total control of what your kids have been eating, drinking, and doing throughout their sunny summer days. Now it’s just about...

Seasonal Fruit Picking

Jun 13, 2019
Seasonal Fruit Picking is Here! Summer is almost here and with this time of year, comes one of nature’s most spectacular bounties—freshly picked fruit!! I just have to ask… Is there anything better? (Hint: no.)...

Introducing New Foods to Children

Apr 4, 2019
Kids and Food Refusal, Sensory Aversions, and Picky Eaters Whether you have a baby, a toddler, an older child (or even a cautious husband!), chances are that at some point you have introduced a new food and received...


Dec 27, 2018
From the outside looking in, people who are not on a healing path are often quick to judge those who are. We’re viewed by others as “perfectionists” or “uptight” or even “the moms who can’t...
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