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Dr. Kimberly Spair published in Create & Cultivate.
Publications and interviews with Dr. Kimberly Spair.

Featured in Thrive Global

Check out this feature on Dr. Kimberly Spair about her brand-new docuseries called “Hope for the Healing.”

The Viral Explosion

Dr. Kimberly Spair interviews Anthony William, Medical Medium.

Hope For Healing Trailer

From the Secrets to Looking Younger Summit, check out this interview featuring Dr. Kimberly Spair on the topic of adrenal fatigue.


Cover of Dr. Kimberly in various publications and interviews.

Kimberly Spair Helps Clients Reverse Life-Changing Diagnoses with Plant-Based Medicine and Dietary Changes

#BEYOUROWN Meets Kimberly Spair

Kimberly began her career as a licensed speech pathologist, where she learned early on the strengths and weaknesses of traditional medicine, as she helped children and adults overcome feeding, nursing, weaning, and swallowing disorders. Realizing she could do even more for her clients, Kimberly began to seek out new and alternative methods and eventually enrolled in a Ph.D. program in holistic health and nutrition.

What Allergy Testing Doesn’t Tell You

In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in people experiencing reactions during and after eating certain foods. Someone eats a food, their body reacts in an unusual or undesirable way and they head to a medical practitioner who specializes in food allergies or digestion. Next often comes the recommendation for an allergy test. Currently, there are many tests available that claim to show if a person is allergic to specific foods.

Create & Cultivate Interview on Mental Health

As a small business owner, corporate-style benefits packages through major carriers may be out of reach—but it doesn’t mean you can’t offer your employees meaningful care. With a little help from Dr. Kimberly Spair, a board-certified holistic health practitioner with a P.h.D in Holistic Health and Nutrition, we break down a few key ways to tailor a benefits package and create a culture that focuses on mental health, hinging on her expertise as both a health practitioner and business owner.

Insider Interview featuring Dr. Kimberly

5 reasons to take postnatal vitamins after childbirth and the most important nutrients for postpartum recover


You Can Heal Autoimmune Disease

Watch as Aisling FitzGibbon interviews Dr. Kimberly Spair on the Aisling Health Show.

New Interview from 5-Day Fertility Summit

In this video, I talk about my lessons on infertility and share helpful tips on getting pregnant naturally.

Wholesale Shopping: Interview with Alan Ritter

We discuss how to save money with wholesale produce shopping.

Adrenal Fatigue Interview

From the Secrets to Looking Younger Summit, check out this interview featuring Dr. Kimberly Spair on the topic of adrenal fatigue.

The Root Cause of Eczema, a Q&A with Dr. Kimberly Spair

You Are The Cure Summit

The Conscious Eating Evolution Summit

This interview addresses how environmental toxins, heavy metals, and viruses can prevent you from healing, why continuous and gentle detoxification is so important, and more.


How to Take Control of Your Health and Feel Empowered With Dr. Kimberly Spair Listen On Spotify

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