Meet Dr. Kimberly Spair,
Holistic Health Expert + Fertility Advocate

Here to help women and change the way they look at their health.

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The experience of overcoming chronic illness and disabling autoimmune disease has completely transformed Dr. Kimberly’s life. Diagnosed with Lyme disease, she developed neurological symptoms and autoimmunity, enduring countless doctors, tests, traditional medications, and alternative therapies for years before discovering her path to healing. 

A Holistic Health Expert & Fertility Advocate with a Remarkable Journey

As a traditionally trained and licensed Speech Pathologist and a board-certified Holistic Health Practitioner with a PhD in Holistic Natural Health and Nutrition, Kimberly has worked medically with patients on feeding tubes, ventilators, and tracheostomies in pediatrics, caring for children with complex speech/language, feeding, and swallowing disorders, and with mothers through the challenges of nursing, and weaning. 

Kimberly now helps clients of all ages reclaim wellness and vitality, freeing themselves from chronic and mystery symptoms to lead healthy, hopeful lives. Her clients range from adults seeking solutions for fatigue, tingles, numbness, brain fog, migraines, pain, anxiety, and depression to children suffering from attention and learning difficulties, impulsiveness, food allergies, and developmental delay. 

With a nutrient-dense, whole-food approach that views food as medicine, Kimberly aims to meet each individual’s needs through boosting nutrient intake, supportive herbs, supplements, emotional therapies, or mind-body tools. Dr. Kimberly’s unique skills and dedication to her clients are recognized within the holistic therapeutic community.

One night, in the depths of her suffering, Kimberly prayed on her knees, and the following day, she was led to the work of Anthony William, known professionally as Medical Medium®. Shortly after beginning work with Anthony, her health improved quickly and steadily. Meeting Anthony, receiving his support, and following his proven protocols answered her prayers. Trusting in her body’s innate capacity to heal, Kimberly recovered and has since dedicated herself to helping others, proving that one can experience their greatest gifts as they rise from the ashes. 

Maintaining continuous years of good health, Kimberly is now a mother of 3 beautiful, healthy children. She was able to conceive and sustain her pregnancies without the use of medications after being told this would not be possible for her. She has experienced two healthy VBAC home births after an initial traumatic hospital birth experience. She is highly passionate about helping women with fertility struggles and supporting women before, during, and after pregnancy to achieve positive birth experiences and outcomes.

Kimberly is a trusted referral source for Anthony William, Medical Medium®, and has received referrals from him as a Medical Medium Practitioner since 2015.

Applying Medical Medium® Information

Holistic health expert Dr. Kimberly Spair and Anthony William of Medical Medium.

Kimberly is co-producer of the Docuseries Hope for Healing, which was featured on Pure Flix Entertainment with guest speakers Anthony William (Medical Medium ®), #1 New York Times best-selling author; Dr. Pejman Katiraei, Board-certified pediatrician; Brooke Goldner, Medical Doctor, Plant-Based Healer, Author; and Doctor Stillman, Board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine to name but a few for those interested in watching Kimberly share her story of overcoming a debilitating autoimmune dis-ease visit here.

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What does this mean for you and your journey?

Learn to  trust yourself.

While working with Dr. Kimberly, you will learn to finally trust yourself, your body, and regain power on your healing journey. Remember that a diagnosis doesn’t define who you are as a person.  And with whatever you decide to do with your journey, remember to not let anyone tell you a life of illness is your story.

Build Your community.

Kimberly has always been about connection, female empowerment and creating online spaces where other women can join a healing focused ‘sisterhood’ for support. In addition to consultation, she offers in demand courses on women, children and families’ health.

Find  hope & Empowerment.

It takes courage, understanding, and knowledge to begin to heal, and that’s why Kimberly’s mission has always been one of spreading hope, inspiration, compassion, and healing TRUTH. Dr. Kimberly and team are honored to help guide you on your healing path and know that one day you will be sharing your story to inspire others too.

Hope For Healing

Kimberly Spair interviews Anthony William, Medical Medium.

Healing Lyme Disease and Hashimotos

Listen to Kimberly’s story of how she’s healed from Lyme disease and Hashimoto’s by overhauling her diet.

Home Birth, VBAC

Healing and overcoming really comes down to taking your power back. Listen to my story.

I am so blessed to have found this information after trying many other approaches on my own journey back to health. Knowing your body has never and will never attack itself is a beautiful truth that intuitively rings true for many who hear it. It’s time to move past outdated ways of thinking and into the light of healing.

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Wellness Modalities Kimberly Uses

These ten pillars form the basis for Kimberly’s own healing journey, and the one she shares with others.

Whole Foods & Nutrition

Herbs & Supplementation


Speech, Language and Feeding Consultation

Lifestyle Changes + Light Exercise

Mindset + Emotional Coaching + Neurobehavioral

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


Intuitive Reading

Medical Medium Information

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