Practitioner Support with Dr. Kimberly Spair.

Dr. Kimberly dancing with her young daughter during a practitioner support course.

At our core, we understand the vital role practitioners and health coaches play in guiding clients toward vibrant health. Kimberly, with her extensive expertise and a PhD in Holistic Natural Health and Nutrition, is here to empower practitioners in their mission to help clients thrive.

Practitioners partnering with Dr. Kimberly gain access to her wealth of knowledge in cleansing, personalized nutrition plans, herbal supplements, emotional therapies, and targeted interventions. Through exclusive programs and a monthly membership crafted from over a decade of hands-on experience with diverse client cases and in 1:1 consultations, practitioners immerse themselves in the foundational elements of Kimberly’s practice. Upon completion, practitioners emerge equipped with critical knowledge, refined skills, and effective tools essential for navigating challenging cases, empowering them to establish or fortify their practices with confidence and expertise.

Elevate your practice with Kimberly’s unwavering support, ensuring your clients receive the comprehensive care they deserve.

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Ways to Work With
Dr. Kimberly

Practitioner Course Offerings
From Our Empowerment Series

Empowered Practitioner Wellness Network Monthly Membership

Individual Mentorship

Women's health specialist Dr. Kimberly with her young son playing on the beach.

Wellness Modalities Kimberly Uses

These ten pillars form the basis for Kimberly’s own healing journey, and the one she shares with others.

Whole Foods & Nutrition

Herbs & Supplementation


Speech, Language and Feeding Consultation

Lifestyle Changes + Light Exercise

Mindset + Emotional Coaching + Neurobehavioral

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


Intuitive Reading

Medical Medium Information

What Clients Say

“6 months ago I couldn’t stand up on my own. Today, I went to yoga. I was scared, and while I wasn’t doing handstands, I did so much more than I could have imagined just long ago. Thank you Medical Medium and Kimberly at ROH.”

“I’m immensely grateful for Kimberly’s intuition. During a call with her in July, I described the explosion of what I thought at the time, were detox symptoms. She distinctly asked, “Are you sure you don’t have mold in your house?” It got me thinking more critically, then 2 days later the rainstorm hit & water came flooding through our kitchen ceiling. It exposed a slow roof leak & the toxic black mold that was festering in our attic for some time. What a blessing in disguise. We left the house, went through remediation in the cleanest way possible, supported by body, and my incessant itching is GONE.”

“Kimberly, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me how to implement protocols from Anthony’s book. I knew the book was the answer for me, but I had no idea where to start. I’ve now lost 12 lbs! I’ve been prediabetic for years and my A1C is now normal! I’ve halved my thyroid meds and now know I can be free of them after 30 years! My MD is shocked! My energy has returned and I am sleeping, which was my biggest complaint! The breast I had breast cancer in years ago broke out in a severe rash and cleared as I detoxed and I finally feel the radiation is on it’s way out. I love Anthony and I love you guys! I will be spreading Reclaimers of Health far and wide, to all those who are suffering.”

Dr. Kimberly and her young daughter on a beach at sunset.

Let’s Get Started

Explore the variety of ways we can work together individually or in a group setting.

Empowered Moms
Starts March 25th!

Our most in-demand and popular course! This 4-week course is specifically designed for moms to access information, no matter the age and development stage of children, or their current wellness lifestyle.