Holistic Recipes For Your Family from Dr. Kimberly

Holistic recipes from Dr. Kimberly. Delicious and nourishing meals for your entire family to enjoy, from plant-based burgers to gluten-free waffles.

Potato Crust Pizza

Sep 13, 2022
Makes 6 (4 inch) pizzas. Ingredients For the crust: For the pesto: To serve  Instructions

Wild Blueberry Pop Tarts

Sep 13, 2022
Makes 6. Ingredients For the crust For the Filling Instructions For the Filling For the crust Notes

Calendula All-Healing Cream

Feb 18, 2022
Calendula can be used in a tea, tincture, or extract, but today we are going to focus on my favorite “all healing” cream! Calendula is known for its remarkable healing properties, and when incorporated into...

Spicy Mango Dressing

Feb 4, 2022
Try this simple spicy mango dressing on your next salad or whatever you want! The combo of spicy/sweet flavors in this dressing really pack a punch and brighten up any dish you add it to....

Avocado Dressing

Feb 4, 2022
Medical medium avocado Try this creamy, refreshing avocado dressing recipe! As this is one of 40 recipes shared in the 8 Day Reboot , it’s the perfect choice outside of a strict cleanse (Reboot includes people at...
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