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A client testimonial from a pregnant woman.

I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful my session with Kimberly was! I feel like I can almost physically feel a weight lifted off of me after speaking with her, I’ve been in such a tough place with my health and I truly feel that with Kimberly’s help I have a plan now and I that I can heal.

6 months ago I couldn’t stand up on my own. Today, I went to yoga. I was scared, and while I wasn’t doing handstands, I did so much more than I could have imagined just long ago. Thank you Medical Medium and Kimberly at ROH.

I’m diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Healing is happening!

I can swallow pills again!
I can chew on both sides of my mouth again!
My tongue can move food around again!
Swallowing is so much better!
My body is in no more pain! NO pain!!!
Itchy scalp fading away!
I’m starting to feel little movement in right arm!

I’m immensely grateful for Kimberly’s intuition. During a call with her in July, I described the explosion of what I thought at the time, were detox symptoms. She distinctly asked, “Are you sure you don’t have mold in your house?” It got me thinking more critically, then 2 days later the rainstorm hit & water came flooding through our kitchen ceiling. It exposed a slow roof leak & the toxic black mold that was festering in our attic for some time. What a blessing in disguise. We left the house, went through remediation in the cleanest way possible, supported by body, and my incessant itching is GONE.

“I have worked with other practitioners who are great but Kimberly is by far my favorite. She is the most thorough, patient, and compassionate.
I had a previous cesarean section with my twins. I wasn’t really given the option to deliver naturally and was not allowed to give birth past 38 weeks. So when I decided to get pregnant again, I knew I wanted something completely different. Most doctors where I live, won’t let you have a vaginal delivery after a cesarean, due to the “high risk”. I decided to find a midwife and do a home birth instead and work with Kimberly for support. She helped me with the right dosages of @medicalmedium recommended supplements that changed through each trimester and walked me through alternatives to the gestational diabetes test and ways to ensure I pass the strep b test. She gave me advice on which foods to focus on and which ones to avoid. She answered all of my questions and helped me get through any symptoms that came up along the way. When it came to the end she gave me the confidence I needed to get through that day not only as a practitioner but as a MOTHER who had gone through the same unmedicated VBAC experience. The day finally came and I was able to have a successful home birth with midwives. I was in labor for twenty-four hours and pushed for almost four. My beautiful baby girl was born on her actual due date with her hand on her face at 8lbs 4 ounces. I am very grateful for the guidance I received. I will continue to work with Kimberly to keep my family as healthy as can be. I highly recommend her!!!”

If anyone is suffering from a Thyroid issue, please do yourself a favor and check out Medical Medium. I suffered from post-partum, hypothyroidism, hashimotosdisease, after following the medical mediums, with help from Dr. Kimberly I have HEALED my thyroid! When I was originally diagnosed, my TSH was 100! And my antibodies were in the thousands, my thyroid had blacked out. My dr never thought my thyroid would come back, but through a lot of patience, diet, and other healing techniques I have healed it! My thyroid IS working, and my TSH levels are normal, and my antibodies are under the Hashimoto’s range! You CAN heal your body! I am living proof, and I am grateful every day for this information, the people I’ve met along the way, and the chance to heal my body! Ever Grateful for this community!

I had a GREAT appointment with ROH today! Kimberly is your pregnancy/postpartum healing EXPERT! Feeling encouraged to continue healing for the next few months and then try for baby #2!

This was my tiny peanut at just 18 weeks. The day this picture was taken, I was told that he had a right renal cyst. By my next appointment he had several, and after yet another follow-up appointment, it was pretty evident that the issue was not going to go away prior to birth… if ever. I decided to try my best to do whatever I could to keep this boy super healthy and reached out to my angel of a friend who is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to healing foods. I made big changes in my diet based on her advice. A few weeks later the cysts were strangely less pronounced. Today I got the most amazing news that his kidneys are healthy. I am in awe of what fruits and vegetables can do to heal the body… thank you for my healthy baby!

Kimberly, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me how to implement protocols from Anthony’s book. I knew the book was the answer for me, but I had no idea where to start. I’ve now lost 12 lbs! I’ve been prediabetic for years and my A1C is now normal! I’ve halved my thyroid meds and now know I can be free of them after 30 years! My MD is shocked! My energy has returned and I am sleeping, which was my biggest complaint! The breast I had breast cancer in years ago broke out in a severe rash and cleared as I detoxed and I finally feel the radiation is on it’s way out. I love Anthony and I love you guys! I will be spreading Reclaimers of Health far and wide, to all those who are suffering.

“My 3rd pregnancy was my best! I turned 40 during it! I have been working with Kimberly since 2016, with a protocol developed exclusively for me and my children all based 100% on the practices of Medical Medium! I had total faith in the information that Kimberly gave me to use during my pregnancy. I drank 32 ounces of celery juice every single day! I never missed a day of my “prenatal” Vimergy spirulina and BGJP, or other supplements in the plan developed for me. I only got sick once during my pregnancy (sore throat) but Kimberly guided me on what supplements were safe to use during pregnancy for my acute illness. I went to a regular OB/GYN and they weren’t familiar with any of the things I was using for supplements. I had so much faith and trust in the information though! I had already seen MIRACLES within my own family, and I know that Kimberly did it during her pregnancy, and has guided thousands of women during pregnancy. So what is the biggest thing we’ve healed? My daughter and my husband are OFF of their inhalers, nebulizers, and steroids! No more ambulance rides or hospital visits. I’ve also learned how to replace harsh drugs with supplements and herbs when my children are sick. For me personally, I love the MM information! But because I had no support of family or friends or a community of likeminded people, I was grateful to have Kimberly. She is knowledgeable and kind. She was able to stand by me and guide me with supplements at the rate that I was comfortable with. I started years ago for my family by only taking out dairy eggs pork farmed fish and limiting meat. Kimberly met me there with NO judgement. I respect that. Now I have eliminated the rest of the “no” foods by trusting the guidance and wisdom of my body. I am SO grateful for @medicalmedium and his LIFE-CHANGING information. Where would we be without it? I’m grateful for Kimberly and her knowledge and ability to break it down and guide me as I was ready for each piece of it, especially during pregnancy and with my child.”

Healing eczema is possible. Don’t believe what the derms and doctors tell you. I was told that the only way to give my son relief was to lather him in steroids daily and cut out everything he reacted to from his diet. But guess what? He reacted to EVERYTHING. He couldn’t eat apples, grapes, melons, spinach, broccoli and the list goes on and on. I don’t know how we survived for the months that we cut every single food out of his and my (we were and still are breastfeeding) diet. I felt helpless. I felt like the joy of having a baby and going through the phases of him growing up were stolen from us. I was always stressed. I dreaded meal times since I didn’t know what to eat or feed my child. Even bath times were full of stress trying to keep him from scratching himself. It broke my heart every time I would see the rashes on his skin. So swollen, red and itchy.

I cried and prayed every night. I didn’t know what to do, I was lost. It was so so hard to watch my son suffer every day and every night.

Then I came across Anthony Williams @medicalmedium and we haven’t looked back. The first few pictures are right before we started implementing the protocol. He was covered from head to toe literally. His scalp, face, arms, hands, fingers, torso, legs, feet. But gradually his skin started to do better. We then took it to another level and started working with Kimberly from @reclaimersofhealth . That’s when things took off. The next few are pictures from today. I NEVER thought we would get to this place of so much healing. I thought that my child would never be comfortable in his own skin. All the foods that we used to avoid are now HEALING him from the inside out.

So mamas out there with little ones who are suffering. To the mamas who have been told that eczema is not curable. To the mamas who are lost, broken and exhausted. THERE IS HOPE! And you are never alone. So so many of us have healed and are healing our littles. Please don’t give up.

I cannot begin to explain how thankful I am for Kimberly’s guidance in healing my little boy. We had battled eczema, and poor digestion for his whole 16 months of life. Not just a little bit of eczema either, it covered his entire face and was cracked and oozy. I had never seen anything like it. There is no worse feeling than seeing your child suffer and not knowing how to help them. We spent thousands of dollars that we didn’t have to every type of doctor you can imagine. We tried every diet, supplement, and cream out there. Nothing worked. Finally came across Anthony William and felt like I was on the right path. However I didn’t even know where to begin.

Thankfully we found Kimberly and within the first minute of speaking with her, my heart swelled with hope. She knew exactly what I was going through! She had been there herself and knew exactly what we needed to do. By implementing the foods and supplements that she recommended, my son’s eczema improved within EIGHT DAYS!!!! I could not believe it! First time it had ever cleared without the use of steroids. He still flares (a month and a half later) but each time it is less and less. My son is happy and thriving. There is now a light in his eyes that I didn’t know existed. Kim gave me my faith, and my son back and for that I am forever grateful.

“Kimberly saved my mother’s life. I have been a client for several years and have completely overhauled my life and broken free of many debilitating neurological symptoms, including sleep apnea. When my mother came down with C19, I happened to have a call with Kimberly. As she tapped in intuitively, she told me I needed to get medical care for my mother ASAP. She explained that her pulse ox was low, and even though she had no visual symptoms of breathing distress, that she was having difficulty breathing. Sure enough, I took my mother in immediately and was told her breathing was so impaired that she needed to be on O2 and may need to be put on a ventilator. Again, I reached Kimberly, who put me in contact with a doctor who offered to provide care via telemedicine. We declined the ventilator and used the doctor to establish the emergency care needed. Once out of the medical conveyor belt (that, let me be clear, we were GRATEFUL for its life-saving breathing treatment), my mother became a client of Kimberly’s. She’s had a mountain to climb following her diagnosis and the toxins accumulated from her treatments, but I can say, if it wasn’t for Kimberly, my mom wouldn’t be here with me today. We are working on recovering her health one day at a time. I wanted to send this in to show gratitude for the gift Kimberly has, she has a conventional background, but also is an expert in reversing chronic conditions. Most “holistic” doctors/practitioners wouldn’t be so open and adamant that my mother receive emergency care right away. Kimberly taught me quickly what to look for, hooked me up with care both inpatient and outpatient, and explained to me the different types of pneumonias, conventional treatment options, and finally provided the root cause healing I wish my Mom had years ago.”
– Jason

All the lessons have been absolutely amazing. I’ve learned so much in 4 days!! You have the best way of simplifying Anthony’s insane amount of information and I don’t feel as overwhelmed anymore, which hello is calming my adrenals as we speak!!

I am loving this reboot. You are so understanding and you give sooo much practical information. I can be an “all or nothing” kind of person. But you are giving me HOPE!!!! You are showing me that little changes are not hard to do but can make a big difference. So I am realizing that a small change this week then adding a small change after the first becomes easy, then another and another and another. It may take me 6 months or a year to begin feeling “normal,” but that is okay because it is progress. Best $ I’ve ever spent!!!!

– Judy

I am feeling better each day!! I find that the recipes make so much that I have a lot left over which makes for easy prep the next day. I love the adrenal snacks. They have made a huge difference, and I find that my body craves them. Yesterday I got through the entire day without having to take a nap!! Kimberly, your meditation is wonderful, and I think that I will use it a few times today, perhaps after I have been out and about to add that extra bit of rest and relaxation in support of my nervous system.

– Gail

“I definitely want to continue this cleanse since I feel like my body has so much healing to do. I feel great energy and have not felt sluggish at all this week, which is incredible. THANK YOU THANK YOU for answering everyone’s questions so promptly. I really feel like you care and are here to support people no matter their stage in healing.”
– Jane

This reboot was so great for me. Loved being in this group with all of you amazing ladies and with you Kimberly! Can’t tell you how much I appreciated the support and the questions answered!! Feels so good to have answers and information… so powerful. I am for sure going to continue to work towards increasing both my daily greens and my water! A million thank you’s!

– Erin

I have personally loved this 5 days to find my forever lifestyle! I’ve done 3-6-9 both original and advanced and still have healing to do but always felt kind of lost in between cleanses!! Thank you so so much for ALL of you support and guidance!! ? This has truly been just what I needed!

– Sheyanne

Thank you Kimberly for offering this reboot and your personal advice. I feel good that I have a plan going forward. Even though I’ve been following Anthony’s advice now for 5 years, you have given me some new ideas and empowered me to move forward with my daily cleansing foods! Thank you for your encouragement, and I’m loving your meditation. Thanks so much!

– Sandra

“Very thankful for your guidance, Kimberly. It was just what I needed. I plan on doing this for as long as I need to, to get well. I’ve come a long way, and if I can do this at 69 yrs old, anyone can. After 2 strokes, major infections that kept me hospitalized 6 months, and everything else I had to overcome, and Kimberly’s story of what she went through to heal, just know you can do this. Happy healing!!!”

Thanks so much for this 5 day reboot—it was perfect! Love getting more in touch with what my body needs! I’ve been doing this so long I go on autopilot and things definitely get lost. So grateful to be able to reconnect and ground and figure out how to fine tune my needs. More adrenal snacks consistently, upping the greens, removing some supplements, and adding back in licorice root to pulse. Anthony had me on it a long time ago and I’ve gotten away from it. Thanks so much Kimberly.

Thank you Kimberly for running this reboot. The last five days have been a wonderful opportunity to do an MM cleanse with my daughter. As usual, the course was packed full of such valuable information along with an amazing group of women! Your dedication, knowledge, support, and compassion is truly appreciated!

– Susan

Thank you for such an excellent course! To anyone at the start of their healing journey, all the very best, and the healing possible from following these guidelines is so powerful!! Thanks, Kimberly for your generous sharing of your wealth of knowledge and beautiful compassion.

– Libby

“What a wonderful course! I thought the content was great and your support and depth of knowledge you shared through the Facebook Group was amazing. I have been following the MM information and protocols for over 1.5 years now and have had huge amounts of healing! So grateful to say the least!! I learned so much from your course though and I now have a much clearer picture of how I will continue to eat between cleanses, which is what I hadn’t completely settled on before, definitely not eating enough raw.

Having completed your course I was so very impressed by the depth of knowledge but also your great compassion in helping so many. Oh how I would have loved to have discovered you sooner!! I really look forward to hearing from you and congratulations again on a wonderful course, I’m so happy that I jumped on last minute to be a part of it : )”
– Lib

Kimberly is truly an amazing and compassionate healer. She helped me overcome a severe neurological condition over the course of about a year and then the following year when my grandma got really sick with covid her words of wisdom saved her life. That is not hyperbole either. Kimberly recommended a drug that I’d never heard of and that conventional doctors were unaware of that took my grandma from the brink of death to out of the hospital and back on her feet within a matter of 2 weeks. After the hospital stay Kimberly continued to share her incredible wisdom and compassion to help my grandma heal from her lung and immune system damage. There’s really nobody I trust more for my health and my loved ones than Kimberly. She’s truly a Godsend.

– Justin E

I’ve been working this protocol for about 6 weeks now and wow! When AW and Kimberly say that you will heal, they mean it. I’ve done different diet protocols for years and instead of getting better, I was always adding to my list of symptoms and subtracting the number of foods I could eat. It felt so freeing from day one to have so much variety back in my life and it has made a huge difference in my healing. I can feel my symptoms backing out and letting go. There’s no other way to describe it. If symptoms flare up, I know that it’s because they are releasing and nothing ever sticks around for more than a couple of days. It’s amazing! I know I still have a ways to go but it’s so wonderful to have hope, to be able to eat out with friends, to see noticeable differences from day to day, and to know from the depths of my soul that I am healing instead of just hoping that this will be the one that will finally get me over the hump. So grateful!

So grateful for AW and the info he brings through to us from Spirit. It can be daunting processing the book info, radio shows, healing path course and the like. So much old info and old beliefs to let go of and new enlightening info to allow to settle within. I had an appointment with Kimberly of Reclaimers of Health a day ago and my goodness, I feel so relieved. I was a bit anxious but she has a gentle, kind and caring demeanor that put me at ease immediately. She is very thorough in explaining what is causing symptoms and recommended which body areas to prioritize (what foods and supplements to increase or decrease). Honestly I feel like a ton of bricks have been removed from my shoulders. Kimberly told me I had good instincts and understood more than I realized about how to heal my body. I am so happy with the help I received. I feel empowered!

Here I am 3 years after finding AW and Kimberly, feeling better than I can ever remember, I have a calmness and patience with my 7 year old that I only dreamed of and I now also have a happy, healthy and thriving 8 month old baby boy. Dreams do come true!

Empowered Moms Course Testimonials

“I loved the course! It was so much more than I could ever have imagined. It covered things that I didn’t even think to talk about in my 1:1 appointments. I believe this course is for people that are just starting or have been following MM information for a while. I would take this class every single time it was offered it was that good.”

“I highly recommend the Empowered Moms course! The information was clear and easy to understand. I have been on a natural health journey for years, but I learned SO much new and valuable information for myself and my children. Reclaimers of Health went above and beyond to provide a safe space for questions and learning. So much time was taken by Kimberly and the Reclaimers of Health staff to answer each question. It was truly as if each momma had one on one access!”

“This course is hands down the BEST online course who are following a path that is (right now) less travelled. You will find unwavering support, sisterhood, a sacred place to work through emotions all while getting absolutely CLEAR about protocols, diet and how to move forward with healing. This was my second time taking the course and I LOVED IT MORE than the first time I took it because I was able to gauge how far I have come as a mother living this way of life, how far my kids have come and now I feel even more confident about where we can go from here. Kimberly is a a true and authentic shining star in this world and Reclaimers of Health is resource from the heavens!”

“Full full full of so much valuable information covering everything you can imagine! Highly recommend this course!”

“Empowered Moms is pack full of great information for moms supporting themselves and their kids through the Medical Medium diet and lifestyle. The support and help that I got from Kimberly, her staff, and the other moms in the FB group was invaluable during this course. I got so much more than I thought I would get from the course, and it’s not what I expected at all to get. I’ve let go of a lot of emotional blocks that I had around this way of eating and living. I am so grateful to find like-minded women who understands exactly what I am going through and who is there to support me in my journey to health. A huge thank you to Kimberly for creating this course!”

“The course was great! A perfect mix of instruction, videos, online support, and materials. I loved Kimberly too. She is so knowledgeable, upbeat, and compassionate.”

“Kimberly, the emotional piece in this (my) second round of Empowered Moms had begun for me a few months ago but was intensified in the best way starting with my why video. Thank you. I can literally FEEL shift in progress. My foot doesn’t feel like it needs to be on the gas at all times, and I feel an ease of movement with what I have in my grasp. I can see my solutions to some of the more tangible things on my obstacle list, and I am feeling less exhausted already. Without changing one. single. thing. Except for THIS COURSE!!! Thank you so much!”

“Kimberly is as wonderful as Anthony is—her spirit, kindness, and compassion are unparalleled as well as her knowledge and intuition.”

“Thank you so much for making this course for moms and children! This was exactly what I needed. I love the way it was structured to really make a change and not just give us the info. Loved to see and come into contact with other MM moms and you! You are a radiant soul-touching so many lives, it is amazing what you do for everyone. Again, thank you”

“I’m forever grateful I was able to be a part of this course. Truly from the bottom of my heart this has been so empowering and emotional, and everything in between. I just can’t thank you and your team at ROH enough for all of your wisdom and fast responses to all of my questions and concerns. Thank you”

“I am and will be forever grateful for you and this course! Although we haven’t met personally, I feel as though you are a friend and one that has helped me so so much with zero judgement. You and your kids are beautiful and exude HEALTH that is contagious! Thank you!!”

“Thank you, Dr. Kimberly and the ROH Staff, for sharing your wealth of valuable information to healthy families! I will be studying your handouts for a long time?? It was hard to come up with questions, because you presented such a thorough program.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the support and guidance! Kimberly Marie you are a beautiful soul and truly an angel walking on this earth!”

“Thank you for an incredible course! I never expected it to be this open and to have such great conversation with you Kimberly Marie and all the Empowered Moms! The Facebook group is amazing and I look forward to a new course in the future!!”

“Thank you for this amazing course <3 This has literally been a life changer!!! I think this is as close to Anthony I will ever get, so super thankful I found you <3 Thank you for this amazing journey!”

“I want to thank you for this wonderful course, for this intense month you have shared with us. Thanks a lot, God Bless you”

“I loved the Empowered Moms course! Thank you, Dr. Kimberly and ROH Staff, for providing an informative healthy lifestyle course based on Medical Medium’s protocols. Dr. Kimberly’s presentation of the valuable information from MM/Spirit of Compassion’s books was extremely clear and manageable. Her kind and energetic spirit also provided an excellent role model and guide for Moms of all ages. Many Blessings to Everyone at ROH for continued success! From a Very Grateful 52 year-old Newly Empowered Mom.”

“Empowered Moms is a is a group of woman lifting each other up and giving support as we continue to heal ourselves and our children. Kimberly is a big Mama Bear hug of fresh air, knowledge, love and compassion. She gives you hope and teaches us to not to be so hard on ourselves, we are doing it!!! Healing!!!! An Earth Angel sent from above!!! So grateful!”

“I love the course. I always look forward to the next course!! I learn so much from each course.”

“This is my third time taking the Empowered Moms course. My family and I have been on our healing journey for almost two years and the incredible amount of information and amazing support has been priceless. Each time I’ve taken it we’ve been at a different point in healing. I am so grateful to have this group to fall back on and I realize even more how far we have come!!! My family and I wouldn’t be where we are today without Dr. Kimberly Spair and the ROH team!!!! Thank you for everything!”

“I loved the course! It was so much more than I could ever have imagined. It covered things that I didn’t even think to talk about in my 1:1 appointments. I believe this course is for people that are just starting or have been following MM information for a while. I would take this class every single time it was offered! it was that good.”

“I just want to share a success story with my 3.5 y.o. son. After I took the course, Empowered Moms, I implemented the suggestions right away for a cavity between his front top teeth. Of course, the dietary changes have been a gradual work in progress, but I can’t believe how well he adapted to everything. I honestly didn’t believe that the protocol would help as quickly as it did but within weeks his teeth were healthier looking. By the time we had our pediatric dentist visit about a month of healing, she suggested the silver fluoride treatment which could slow the decay but did not push anything. She was impressed with everything we were already doing and said to keep it up. We had a 3 month follow up visit scheduled. Since he never had any pain and his oral health just continued to improve, we were able to cancel that visit in January. His babysitters, family, and friends were able to visibly see a difference in how strong and white his teeth were. It is so nice to feel the difference when I am helping him floss because I used to cringe with how soft it seemed, and now it is solid where there used to be a cavity. One holistic dentist I called in the beginning told me that cavities in children spread like “wild fire” so often they have to pull the teeth. I just want this to be a testament to how amazing our bodies are when properly nourished. Thank you so much Kimberly Marie and Reclaimers of Health! I felt so “empowered” and had a great experience with the pediatric dentist too! Kimberly, thank you for giving me the tools! I was so happy seeing him heal before my eyes… skin, hair etc. overall a healthier child and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.”

“The Empowered Moms course is literally life changing! The course is very well constructed, the information is easy to understand and relate to, and the support in the Facebook group is unbelievable! Every single question is answered! That is amazing! This was my second time taking this course, and will definitely take it again. I’m always learning something new. ❤ I highly recommend it! Thanks again for the amazing course!”

“Thank you. I am feeling so much more confident in my ability to help my daughter because of this course, it brings me to tears.”

“I’m a returning Mom for the third time. Thanks to this information, I have reversed cavities in my son’s front teeth and one between his teeth. He has a beautiful cavity-free, white smile now, and I owe it all to Dr. Kimberly and this course!”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was such a pleasure doing this course! I enjoyed every moment. It was so nice to put my questions out there for you to read and answer. I will come back for more. I learned so much, and although I read all the books from MM, this was the missing piece!”

“I’m very grateful for the Empowered Moms course. The course itself is full of detailed information and resources to help support you and your children at every phase in life. I know I will be referencing it for many years to come. Kimberly and her team go above and beyond to answer questions and offer suggestions. They are very knowledgeable and encouraging. The community of like-minded moms is wonderfully supportive and validating. It was a pleasure to learn with and from them! I look forward to joining future rounds of Empowered Moms and continuing to learn how best to support myself and my children. Thank you Reclaimers of Health!”

“Empowered Moms is such a wonderful and life changing course. Because it is down to earth, it really puts the kids needs first and respects the process and it really empowers us to live this lifestyle out of love, not fear Thank you again for all your efforts”

“This was the best thing I ever did for my son and I…I HIGHLY suggest! I felt the class actually helped me so much. Learning the WHY behind what I’m doing for my son and I’s health”

“Kimberly, I just want to say Thank You! Your amazing! It was great connecting with so many people who are facing challenges in their lives too, it made me feel like I’m not alone. This was a great experience.”

“My favorite part was the Facebook support and the tapping videos..I loved having videos and would recommend more regular videos or live chats. LOVE! Nothing more powerful than empowering moms-the course was well set up and tons of support!”

“This course was amazing Kimberly Spair! I am so grateful to have been part of it. Thank you for putting this together and sharing your knowledge with us. You are making a huge difference in the world one mom at a time”

“I definitely feel more Empowered as a mom after completing this course! It opened my eyes up to be more aware of what we eat and what is in our environment. The information I received from this course is so valuable and forever will be in my heart?”

“I’m happy I booked this course for the second time. I took much more information out of it than I could imagine. Love that there’s a lot of content about emotions. I tried tapping this time and was blown away by the results. Thank you Kimberly & RoH!”

“It was wonderful connecting with like minded mommas working hard to keep their families happy and healthy. The small adjustments to our daily routine will be great for my family. Thank you!”

“This was my third time taking the Empowered Moms course and I still learned so much! It’s amazing to have a tribe of like minded mamas who can support one another. Kimberly did an excellent job leading us through the content and answering individual questions. I would absolutely take this course again!”

“I enjoy the course very much as it helps me be the empowered mom Kimberly is teaching us to be. The course is easy to follow.”

“I love the empowered moms course! I learn more each time I take it and I really enjoy connecting with other moms who are on the same path. The course really encourages emotional work and self-care that is so easy to neglect when on a healing path. I always refer to the PDFs from the course which are very helpful!!”

“I really loved this course. Although, it felt overwhelming at times. It’s a lot of information to take in, but I am thrilled to have the PDF’s to go back to. I now know I need to incorporate B-12 into my diet more and my sons, as well as zinc. The recommendations page is awesome too!! I have ordered a few things already.”

“I loved the course! It was so much more than I could ever have imagined. It covered things that I didn’t even think to talk about in my 1:1 appointments. I believe this course is for people that are just starting or have been following MM information for a while. I would take this class every single time it was offered it was that good.”

Empowered Moms
Starts March 25th!

Our most in-demand and popular course! This 4-week course is specifically designed for moms to access information, no matter the age and development stage of children, or their current wellness lifestyle.