Back to School Worries (and How to Deal)

Aug 15, 2019

During the summer months, most of you mamas have been killin’ it! You’ve had total control of what your kids have been eating, drinking, and doing throughout their sunny summer days. Now it’s just about time to send your little (and big) kids back to school, and as a result, the anxiety is starting to creep back in. I at Reclaimers of Health know this because, in recent weeks, I have received an influx of emails from nervous mamas who are worried about having to relinquish control again.

The most frequently asked questions have involved food and drinks, and the “on top of things” mamas have repeatedly mentioned lack of food and snacks at school, as well as kids not being able to properly hydrate during the school day as major concerns. You’re right; these issues are SO important! Unfortunately, many of our schools unknowingly set kids up for failure with their rigid rules and tight schedules. We as informed parents know that kids need adequate water for their brains to function properly and that eating every 2 hours is best for energy, digestion, and more.

So what can we do to make sure our kids thrive at school?

To start, if your child has an open-minded teacher, recognize that a little education through conversation can go a long, long way! If you’re able, help him/her to realize that regular water breaks as well as permitting water bottles and healthy snacks throughout the school day are incredibly beneficial to your child (and for his/her classroom overall) for a multitude of reasons.

If such things are truly prohibited per school rules, and particularly if your child is in a place of critical healing, consider getting a note from your practitioner/provider in order to provide a formal rationale for your child to have access to adrenal snacks, consistent hydration, or both. While the goal is to always have your child feel included and not “different,” this just might be an area that requires special attention at this time. Of course, we know that ALL kids would benefit from this access and this mindset, so you just never know if your requests and persistence might lead to some positive change for all!

Tips on Snacks and Drinks

As stated above, not allowing more than 2 hours between snacks/meals is optimal. Having frequent access to water is also ideal. If your child is up for it, add some citrus to his/her water for more benefit. When it comes to specific food recommendations, check out our post on Back to School Tips for Supporting Healthy Kids and Moms.

Plastic-Free Back to School Food Storage

Not only are the actual foods and drinks important for your child(ren), but how and what we pack them in is important too! Plastic bottles, containers, and cutlery are loaded with toxins, so we should definitely consider plastic alternatives ! Glass is always ideal, but not always permitted. If possible though, there are great options with silicone covers to help prevent and avoid breakage! There are also other options such as bento boxes , bamboo cutlery , silicone snack bags , and LunchSkins.

Will there be some things that happen that aren’t our favorite?

Yes! There are inevitably going to be some practices in schools that just aren’t up to our standards. Most schools regularly provide hand sanitizer to children, often right before lunch. The hand soaps in the bathrooms aren’t likely going to be our top choices either. Can we request that our child(ren) use only products that we send in so that we control every variable? Surely we can. Or we can focus on using nontoxic cleaners, etc. at home and ensuring that our children’s livers are always in a state of detox so that a little bit of soap/sanitizer use at school isn’t the end of the world. This allows us to have peace while also not stressing over EVERYTHING.

It’s obvious that sending our kids anywhere outside the home all day long and all week long is no easy task! For more information about adrenal support for the mamas during this stressful time, read our post on Adrenal Support for Life’s Stress. We can only do our best to make informed decisions and to set our children up for success all while allowing them to have the most “normal” school and social experience possible. We can feel at ease knowing that most teachers have our kids’ best interests in mind, so starting by working WITH them, not against them is the way to go.

Tackle the Back to School Challenges with Confidence

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