Quick Guide for Immunity for Kids and Parents During a Global Pandemic

Sep 25, 2020

Let’s face it – things are NOT normal right now. We at Reclaimers of Health have been repeatedly talking and posting about all of the insane pressure on parents during these chaotic times. So what can we do? While we may have some days (or maybe a LOT of days) where things are super challenging, all we can do is try our best and keep moving forward. Oh, and prepare, prepare, PREPARE!!

With the right nutritional, emotional, and soul-healing support, you can reclaim your vitality and go back to fully living your life. — Medical Medium

As we get ready to launch the 7th round of Empowered Moms, we wanted to share some of the basics for being prepared and empowered, particularly during this time of life! (We also encourage you to read more about Moms Serving as Their Families’ Advocates & Health and Wellness Detectives. )

Let’s start with the Foundation

  • Sleep – Sleep is SO important!! Our bodies cannot easily be restored without adequate rest. Do what you can to get a solid sleep each night.
  • Movement – Exercise varying from gentle walks or yoga to running or biking (and anything in between) will help keep your blood flowing and support healing.
  • Hydration – Your body performs at its best when it’s hydrated! Consider adding citrus to your water to increase the benefit (and add some flavor!) or add some other favorites like coconut water or ginger water to your days.
  • An abundance of fruits and veggies – These healing foods will help heal from the inside out. Try to get in as many fruits and vegetables as you can, particularly raw ones. Juicing is beneficial as well!
  • Nature (Grounding) – As Anthony shares, nature can provide powerful soul restoration. Take time to get outside on your bare feet and connect with the beautiful world around you. Use the trees, the ocean, or just the dirt under your feet to reacquaint yourself with Mother Nature.
  • Physical touch / love – Just a hug can make a world of difference. If you’re a person who is a fan of physical touch, make sure you make it part of your daily routine as it can reduce stress, boost your health, and make you happier!

Specific Foods (because Food is Medicine!!)

  • 32 oz celery juice – Start your day this way to let your body start working for you first thing in the morning!
  • Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie – Because heavy metals in our body can cause all kinds of problems, this powerful beverage can help you begin (or continue) the process of eliminating them.
  • You’ll want to provide your body with a variety of nutrients and antioxidants to put it in the best position to heal and continue healing! Some of our top recommendations are:
    • Wild blueberries
    • Lots of Maradol Papaya (try your best to find non-GMO)
    • Mangoes
    • Bananas
    • Steamed potatoes
    • Steamed asparagus
    • Brussel sprouts
    • Leafy greens

The Basics on Supporting Immunity with Supplements

  • Vitamin C – This is a great daily supplement, but you definitely want to increase if you feel like something is coming on. Check out Anthony’s Vitamin C Shock Therapy !
  • Liquid zinc sulfate – Once again, this is a great daily part of your repertoire, but also effective when increased if you feel like something coming on. Find another powerful form of supplement Shock Therapy here.
  • Liquid B12
  • Get yourself a good Probiotic such as Mary Ruth’s
  • Some of our other favorites are:
    • Vitamin D
    • Quercetin
    • Lemon balm
    • Licorice (for the Mamas)
    • Curcumin
    • Magnesium – Glycinate + Neuro Mag
    • BEFORE BED : Gaba (for the Mamas) and Melatonin, 5htp

**** As always, if pregnant or nursing, consult with your MD or practitioner.

Other Ways to Support Your Family’s Health and Wellness

  • Homeopathy – Don’t forget about this powerful tool! If homeopathy is a topic that is new to you, please join us in Empowered Moms as we discuss this subject in more detail during our month together.
  • Diffusing essential oils:
    • Eucalyptus
    • Thyme
    • Peppermint
    • Lavender
    •  Sage
    • Oregano
    • Frankincense

For more suggestions, be sure to check out our blog about Therapeutic Support for Cold, Flu, and Acute Illness !

Join us!

In Empowered Moms, we go into MUCH more detail about all areas above (and MORE) and provide you with a chance to have specific questions answered for you and your family’s needs. We’re eager to cover supporting your nervous system, supplements / preparing your home medicine cabinet, how to move your family toward a healing diet, supporting kids from pregnancy to college and beyond, and so much more! We’ve got tons of resources included that are yours for life including daily lessons, recipes, and other printable resources to help you plan and be accountable even when the course is over. Please join us as we link arms and support each other through this unprecedented time!

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