Moms Serving as Their Families’ Advocates & Health and Wellness Detectives

Jan 8, 2019

Advocating for Your Children’s Health

Have you ever heard the saying “a worried mom will do better investigative work than the FBI?” It couldn’t be more true! All you have to do is mention one little thing to most dedicated mamas, and you’ll see their wheels start spinning rather quickly. They start reading, researching, and asking questions, all so they can begin obtaining some answers for themselves and for the betterment of their families’ health and well-being.


So… since you, mama, are YOUR family’s “go to” person, you might be asking, “What are some things I should be looking for in my own child’s health?” As a general guideline, keep an eye on hydration (If your child is saying he/she is thirsty, dehydration is already occurring), pooping (How often? What does it look like (diarrhea or other changes)? Is there extreme effort involved? Has it changed?), diet, supplements, stress/stress management, and overall behavior. The goal of supporting the best pediatric health possible is always to gain confidence in your “investigating” and also with the tools and skills you’re developing as you grow.


Fevers! A dirty word and cause of panic for many parents. Many of us have grown up with a fear of the thermometer reaching 100 degrees, and have become panicked if it’s gone over 100. At some point, we (hopefully) learn that a fever is EXACTLY what the body needs to do to FIGHT! Regardless of your exact views on temperatures and fevers, just knowing that you have CONFIDENCE in your decision-making skills MOST of the time, can be a huge weight off of your shoulders. The empowerment that comes with this confidence can provide a sense of calm in times that are otherwise incredibly nerve-wracking.

Your Child’s Doctor & Preventative Care

What about pediatrician appointments? So, you have found a wonderful holistic physician that jives with your family’s lifestyle, amen! Well, not really! The sad reality is that even many of the most well-meaning doctors in the American health system are overloaded and are (typically) governed by insurance. This tends to mean quick visits where things can fall through the cracks if we don’t have a plan. As parents, we should take full advantage of this time by coming prepared with what we already know and recognizing what we NEED to ask/know before we leave the appointment. A little preparation at home will go a long way in situations such as this. Best case scenario, however, is that we are practicing preventive medicine at home and don’t have to rush out for medical care on a regular basis.

All of this isn’t to say that we shouldn’t rely on the availability and expertise of doctors. It simply means that NOW is the time to become equipped with knowledge and be self-assured when making decisions for our children’s healthcare based on the situation(s) presented. I encourage YOU to take control of your family’s healthy living and healing in 2019 – become an informed advocate and practice preventative medicine!

If you are looking for guidance from a holistic health practitioner on how to provide the best quality care for your family, you can book an appointment with Kimberly by going to the “Work with Kimberly” page.

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Components of a Healing Journey

Listed below are important components to consider as part of your overall healing journey:

  • Diet – remember the core of fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens, as well as hydration all important for weight management and overall health
  • Lifestyle/mind – creative outlets, faith, purpose, prayer
  • Body – sleep, getting outdoors, movement, breathing/yoga
  • Social – love and support from others
  • Supplements – core herbs, vitamins, and minerals to support overall health or combat specific medical conditions
  • Stress management – involves self-care and other techniques to support the body & mind

Gain Confidence & Get Support

In the “Empowered Moms” course, we will dive more into how you can become the confident ambassador of your household you were meant to be. We will work together to peel away the layers that have kept so many of us stuck (lack of knowledge, lack of confidence, fear, the judgments and opinions of others, etc.). In taking this course, your healing journey will be enhanced by information regarding the WHY behind your choices and dedication, emotional and physical healing tools to get to the root of unexplained health issues, as well as some takeaways including PDFs, an ebook, and coupon codes for several recommended supplements.

You will also join a TRIBE of like-minded mamas who are doing similar research for the latest information, asking similar questions, and learning similar lessons. You will gain the tools to support yourself and your children’s health. This is a great opportunity for growth and fellowship!

Signing up again, my third round with you!

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