Chronic Dehydration

Oct 14, 2023

Have you made sure to drink water today? 

Have you had your servings of raw fruits and veggies? 

Believe it or not, getting adequate hydration and maintaining proper hydration levels every day play a much more crucial role in health and healing than most people realize. In fact, it’s so crucial that someone who is actively working on their healing but has plateaued may be up against this roadblock because they are not getting adequate hydration on a daily basis. 

And the truth is that the majority of the world’s population is chronically dehydrated and just doesn’t realize it. A major reason for this is that it’s simply very easy to become dehydrated!  Living on planet earth means that we are up against a lot every single day.  Toxins, poisons, pathogens, radiation, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, fragrances, stress… the list goes on and on of things we are exposed to every day that are detrimental to our health. And one major reason why these things are so detrimental is because they severely dehydrate the body. Not only that, but the food and beverage choices many people make also lowers hydration levels. Things like alcohol, coffee, drugs (prescription and recreational), fatty foods, salty foods and bone broth are all extremely dehydrating. As we move into cooler temperatures we look to soups, broths and warm foods. Even if they’re healing foods, as we bring in more cooked foods we should still be mindful of hydration levels.

Symptoms of Dehydration

If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, there is a good chance your body is needing greater hydration:

·       Chronic dry mouth

·       Varicose veins

·       Headaches, dizziness and/or feeling faint

·       Chronic symptoms/ conditions

·       Stretch marks

·       Dry skin (including cracked lips and heels)

·       Gallstones and/or kidney stones

·       Premature aging

Next Steps

The first step along the healing journey is realizing that there is an issue and understanding what it is.  The next step would be to start incorporating appropriate healing tools to alleviate the issue.  With that being said, now that we understand that dehydration is a worldwide epidemic, the question we now need to tackle is how we can fix it.

When working to improve hydration levels always think raw living foods and living water.  The following are incredible examples of these:

·      Raw fruit (especially melons of any kind)

·      Raw vegetables

·      Raw leafy greens

·      Raw herbs

·      Coconut water (make sure it is not pink or red as this indicates that it has gone rancid)

·      Fresh juices (especially cucumber juice)

·      Lemon or lime water

Try incorporating as many of these as you can into your daily life to improve your hydration levels and overall health. When we consume them, our body drinks them up and uses them for our highest good. When we are properly hydrated, we are in a better position to cleanse and flush our neurotoxins, toxins and other troublemakers. Remember that thick, stagnant blood and lymph cause added strain on the body, worsen symptoms and create an environment for pathogens to thrive. By improving hydration, we start to alleviate this issue and assist our body’s natural rhythms and flow. 

Incorporating more healing foods into our lives makes a world of a difference. It puts us on a positive trajectory with our health and the wonderful benefits build up and gain momentum over time. So, this is your gentle reminder to drink your living water and keep hydrating! 

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