Empowered Reset

The Empowered Reset guided group will start on January 15th, 2024.

Start a healing journey with a green smoothie with spinach and blueberries.

What is a reset?

You can do this Reset if you’re looking to “clean things up” or if you are looking to take your healing to the next level! This guided Reset can be used to find a sustainable eating plan, to enhance a healing diet, to propel a healing lifestyle, or it can be used as the first days of the 28-day cleanse, or the first days of the 3-6-9 cleanse. You decide!

During our 8 days together, the Reset will simply be a period of time to bring in MORE of the good stuff and phase out the foods that do not serve your body. A Reset can also be a way of learning a more sustainable lifestyle moving forward. This community will hold your hand, cheer you on, while having questions answered By Dr. Kimberly and team.

What is the goal of the the 8 day reset?

Our goal for this Reset is to facilitate a community of like-minded people in search of healing, in search of clarity, in search of shedding habits that no longer serve. It is a part of what makes our courses so empowering and rewarding for all who participate. We are here for YOU! Dr. Kimberly and team strive to provide a foundation for those who have felt nervous about embarking on a cleanse or a detox alone or for those who may have tried a cleanse before but didn’t have the results they had hoped to achieve.

Although the Reset comes with a menu and daily food plan, it can (and should!) absolutely be customized for those who are starting from scratch, those who are already raw/plant-based/avoiding no-foods, or even those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. We will provide these modifications and options to best guide you. 

What’s included in the reset

There are 8 days of lessons. Here’s a general breakdown of some of the topics that will be focused on during your time with Dr. Kimberly

  • Cleanse guide options, recipes and kitchen tips
  • Foods to avoid and general wellness tips
  • Cleansing diet benefits and how to live a cleansing diet long-term
  • Detox vs flares
  • Lymphatic system support
  • Nervous system support
  • Getting back into exercise after chronic symptoms, illness and dis-ease (Based on popular request!)

What Clients Say

“Kimberly, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me how to implement protocols from Anthony’s book. I knew the book was the answer for me, but I had no idea where to start. I’ve now lost 12 lbs! I’ve been prediabetic for years and my A1C is now normal! I’ve halved my thyroid meds and now know I can be free of them after 30 years! My MD is shocked! My energy has returned and I am sleeping, which was my biggest complaint! The breast I had breast cancer in years ago broke out in a severe rash and cleared as I detoxed and I finally feel the radiation is on it’s way out. I love Anthony and I love you guys! I will be spreading Reclaimers of Health far and wide, to all those who are suffering.”


“6 months ago I couldn’t stand up on my own. Today, I went to yoga. I was scared, and while I wasn’t doing handstands, I did so much more than I could have imagined just long ago. Thank you Medical Medium and Kimberly at ROH.”


“I’m immensely grateful for Kimberly’s intuition. During a call with her in July, I described the explosion of what I thought at the time, were detox symptoms. She distinctly asked, “Are you sure you don’t have mold in your house?” It got me thinking more critically, then 2 days later the rainstorm hit & water came flooding through our kitchen ceiling. It exposed a slow roof leak & the toxic black mold that was festering in our attic for some time. What a blessing in disguise. We left the house, went through remediation in the cleanest way possible, supported by body, and my incessant itching is GONE.”


Empowered Women
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Empowered Women a 3 Week Course, is designed for women of all ages (including moms and moms-to-be) to access healing tools and key information about women’s health and wellness.