Painful Menstruation

Oct 23, 2023

If you experience painful periods, please know that you are NOT alone. In fact, 84.1% of women experience painful periods.Around 25% of these women report serious disruptions in their everyday life due to period pain. From cramps, to migraines, back pain and sore throats, a wide variety of symptoms can pop up during your menstrual cycle. Why is this the case, and why do some women seem to struggle more than others during their time of the month?

The symptoms that manifest around our time of the month are signals that the body needs requires more support.

During menstruation 80% of a woman’s immune system is refocused to her reproductive system, leaving only 20% to focus on the rest of her body. This allows for any underlying symptoms or concerns the opportunity to take advantage and cause a number of symptoms and conditions including acne, UTIs, PCOS and others. Most of the time these symptoms and conditions can be attributed, in part, to underlying bacterial and viral loads within the body including varieties of streptococcus (strep) and Epstein Barr Virus (EBV). Knowing these truths provides a better opportunity to support the body and address the underlying root cause!

In addition to the monthly cycle, a woman’s immune system spends 40% of its effort on the reproductive system during ovulation. This means that you are likely to feel mildly symptomatic during ovulation each month. If you feel dread just thinking about your next menstrual cycle, let’s talk about how you can manage painful period pain!

Fast Supportive Relief 

When you are in the thick of it – bloated, emotional, cramping and exhausted – there are a few holistic tools to offer relief:

Nettle leaf tea, which can also be found in tincture form, is a great herb that boosts immunity, support the reproductive system, and also works to gently lower pathogens in the system. It is also helpful for digestive problems and is a natural anti-inflammatory which can relieve headaches and cramping.

Raspberry leaf tea is rich in vitamins and can help with a variety of symptoms from cramps and premenopausal symptoms. It has been found to provide relief for women experiencing PMS, cramps, and heavy menstrual bleeding due to a compound it contains called ferulic acid (Anthony William). 

California Poppy is a third natural, herbal option to help relieve pain. It acts as an analgesic and antispasmodic, perfect for managing period pains. Keep in mind that with California poppy, the capsules are often stronger than the tincture form.

Other tools that can help manage period pain include moist heat from hot water bottles or infrared heating pads, both help to address stomach cramping and lower back pain. Another quick trick is to cut a tennis ball in half. While sitting up, wedge the tennis ball, with the round side facing you, between a chair and your lower back. Move it around until you hit the pressure points that will help to relieve your aching back. 

Now that you know many menstrual symptoms also stem from a combination of lowered immunity and pathogenic activity, you should also focus on supporting your immune system. This includes taking zinc and vitamin C in the appropriate doses for your body. 

You can take it a step further by drinking fresh celery juice.This will hydrate you on a cellular level while also supporting the body: Celery juice is incredible for the reproductive system because it protects against pathogens and toxins. Celery juice has an incredible cleaning power; it binds onto, breaks down, neutralizes and escorts viruses, bacteria, toxic heavy metals, contaminants, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, petrochemicals and the toxic hormones and estrogens that come from foods, plastics and chemicals….Celery juice also nourishes and feeds the reproductive system on all levels. (Anthony William) 

Women are often so busy being career driven and caretaking for others that once their period pain has subsided for the month they tend to forget until the next month comes. Women do not have to live in this cycle of discomfort! 

Menopause is NOT Miserable 

Once a woman finds herself experiencing painful periods, “miserable menopause” is assumed to be the next stage of life. According to Anthony William, the truth is that periods nor menopause are naturally miserable.

Through nearly all of history women viewed menopause in a positive light….menopause gently and painlessly ended the difficulties and inconveniences of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menstruation, often resulted in heightened libido… (Anthony William).

Menopause symptoms are closely associated with having an overburdened liver in need of support. Women have the right to a JOYFUL and MEANINGFUL life. 

No one has time to be sick for a week or two every month. Cramps, ovarian cyst and endometriosis don’t have to control your life. Choose some of these tools that can help you manage a painful period now, and others that can help you prevent worsening symptoms in the future. Remember ladies, it is okay to REST. If you experience PMS or other symptoms, it’s a sign from your body to rest and recover. 

Now that you know your immune system is compromised during ovulation and menstruation, plan a lighter schedule, or ask for help during those days. If you are looking for more in-depth information on this topic including nutrition support, deeper learning on the root cause of painful menstrual cycles and supportive supplementation join Empowered Women’s course starting this week or schedule a 1:1 consults With Kimberly or our Holistic Nutritionist. We prioritize the scheduling of all pregnant women within a few weeks of reaching out. Send an email to [email protected] for more information. 


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