Protecting Against Poor Air Quality

Aug 1, 2023

It’s no doubt that summer is now in full swing. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the flowers are in full bloom showing their beautiful vibrant colours. For many people, summer is their favorite time of year. The harsh cold winter is finally over and now they get a chance to come out of hibernation and enjoy warm weather and the outdoors.

And it’s not a mystery that spending more time outside, specifically in nature, and getting healthy levels of sun exposure play a large role in creating overall health and wellbeing. But there are certain things about this time of the year that should be considered and that can affect our health in negative ways.

The reality is, we live in challenging times. Toxic exposures are currently at an all-time high and continue to grow daily. And the one thing about summer is that toxic exposures can be higher during this season than compared to others. But I want to preface by stating that I am in no way trying to induce fear. It’s not about living in isolation because realistically, we cannot avoid every single exposure. Rather, it’s about being educated and using the knowledge that we do have to become empowered and take proper action steps to protect ourselves and the ones we love. So, with that being said, let’s discuss the main sources of toxic exposure during the summer months.

Primary Sources of Toxic Exposure:


Wildfires seem to be increasing in frequency as time goes on, causing polluted and toxic air. The smoke created from these fires is able to travel thousands of miles sometimes affecting multiple states or countries. And it’s not just the smoke itself that creates the toxicity. The fire retardants used to contain and put out the fires contain a multitude of chemicals and toxic heavy metals. These toxins are also able to travel through the air very long distances.

Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides and Fungicides:

During the warmer months, agricultural practices are generally more active. While farmers grow their crops, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, and even fungicides and rodenticides are sprayed multiple times per week. Again, as these toxic chemicals are sprayed, they can travel long distances via the wind. In addition to this, places like golf courses, sports fields, public parks, lawns and gardens are normally doused in lethal fertilizers, pesticide and herbicides. Not only are these chemicals absorbed through the skin upon contact, but their vapours are also inhaled.


The presence of mold is another thing to consider during the summer months. While there is heat, there is also the potential for humidity. And with humidity comes the increased risk of mold growth. Mold can be sneaky and sometimes hard to spot. But don’t underestimate the potential adverse impact it can have on health. Mold can show up in both residential and public areas.  

Other Airborne Pollutants:

During the summer, pollution levels in general tend to increase. Sources such as campfires and fireworks contribute to this tend and should be considered.

The first step is understanding where and why toxic exposures take place. But next we need to understand why toxic exposures particularity are troublesome for our health. One thing to note is that when an exposure takes place, the troublemaker enters our bloodstream, travels throughout our body and can get lodged within our organs-causing direct physical damage. Once these chemicals are inside of us, our immune system also weakens temporarily. This allows pre-existing pathogens in our bodies to rise up, leading to a viral flair. Toxins themselves are also food sources for pathogens, giving them a direct pathway to strengthen. With all this considered, it’s very easy to see how an exposure can lead to breathing and lung issues, as well as a worsening of neurological issues.

Steps to Protect Yourself:

While we cannot control the air quality outside of our homes, there are steps we can take to make our inside spaces as clean and safe as possible. There are also many steps we can take, from a nutritional standpoint, that can greatly assist our bodies when we have had an exposure.

1.    Air Quality:

Consider purchasing an air filter for your home. Molekule and IQ Air are fantastic options. Indoor plants (snake plants, peace lilies, and spider plants) can also help to clean the air inside your house. Orgonite with copper can help to prevent and reduce mold and diffusing tree essential oils can have a purifying effect. If there is an exposure in the area, and air quality is very poor, consider wearing a mask while spending time outside. The N100 mask is the best option, but N99 and N95 masks as well as Vogmask and Cambridge masks are also great options.  

2.  Support Detoxification Pathways:

If you know you’ve had an exposure, one of the best things you can do to help your body is to take action steps that actively promote cleansing. Consider eating a larger proportion of raw fruits and veggies for a period of time. Celery juice, cranberries, asparagus, melon, garlic, the heavy metal detox smoothie, and the extractor smoothies are all very helpful options. Increase your hydration by consuming more lemon water, thyme tea and juices, and try incorporating dry brushing, red light therapy and infrared sauna therapy as tolerated.

3.   Supplements:

Chaga, micro c, lomatium, mullein, glutathione, milk thistle, NAC, oregano, spirulina and barley grass juice powder are all supplements that can support your body from a toxic exposure.

4.  Brain Shot Therapy (from the Medical MediumÒ Brain Saver Books):

The Medical MediumÒ brain saver shots are an incredible tool, especially if you have had a recent exposure to toxic chemicals. When air quality becomes poor, try making the Toxic Heavy Metal Exposure shot; the Pesticide, Herbicide and Fungicide Exposure shot; or the Chem Trail Exposure shot.

While we cannot avoid everything, it can be very helpful to limit exposures when we are knowingly aware of their harm. And taking the necessary steps to support our bodies through exposure can help ensure that we stay healthy and happy. If you found this article helpful and want to learn more about how to protect yourself and create long lasting health, while connecting with other like-minded women, check out our Summer Challenge Empowered Reset (an 8-day mini course) starting August 4th, or the NEW Empowered Moms Monthly Subscription.

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