Sunburn After-Care

Aug 22, 2022

We all do our best to avoid sunburns at all costs, but sometimes no matter how hard we try our little ones

(or ourselves) can experience uncomfortable sunburns with prolonged sun exposure. The sun is definitely

healing and so beneficial for us, so let’s take a look at how we can prevent burning and ways to care for

ourselves if we do experience the discomfort of a burn!

Thanks to the Medical Medium, we know that the sun enhances EVERY SINGLE vitamin (not just vitamin

D), mineral, micronutrient, and antioxidant. Sunshine is also a natural antiseptic that kills yeast, viruses,

fungi and mold, which can help to clear up skin issues such as acne, psoriasis, eczema and rashes. But

the sun draws toxins to the surface of the skin, and what our families ingest can determine how our skin

responds to sunlight. The more sluggish our liver is, the more dermatoxins are circulating through our

lymphatic system, and the more likely we are to burn quickly, harshly, or experience “sun rashes”.

When you focus on healing your liver, you will notice that you will stop sunburning as easily.

Here are 5 Foods to consume that repair and protect your skin from the sun:

Coconut Water – Hydrates on a cellular level and provides electrolytes
Cucumber – Cucumber juice can cool down body temperature and soothe inflamed skin
Aloe – Contains cooling and anti-inflammatory properties
Melons – High water content to help the skin heal and prevent excessive dryness
Mangos – Beta-carotene rich foods like mangos will help repair damage and support skin healing

Save this deliciously healing slushy recipe to help keep the whole family cool this summer:

Medical Medium Aloe Watermelon Slushy


● 2 cups frozen seedless watermelon*

● 2 tbsp aloe (double for extra medicinal benefits)

● 1/2 cup fresh strawberries*

● 1 tbsp lime juice

* You can use fresh watermelon and frozen strawberries if you prefer

Now onto some topical Sunburn Do’s and Don’ts for better sun protection and more fun outdoors:


– Take room temperature showers and avoid heat

– Apply a cool compress (you can also apply coconut water compresses to the skin to soothe and


– Wear soft breathable clothing

– Keep hydrated with cooling foods like cucumber and melons, coconut water, aloe water, infused water

and fruit smoothies

– Use unscented pure aloe and plant hydrosols to calm and protect exposed skin

– As a topical disinfectant and analgesic: echinacea can be used as an ointment or salve to help heal

reduce the pain and swelling associated with sunburn

– Calendula is helpful for topically healing sunburns and provides a breathable protective barrier for the


– Wear mineral zinc sunscreen to protect the skin, especially during peak sun hours, to avoid sunburns in

the future

– We LOVE children’s sun protective clothing from Green Sprouts Baby for long days in the sun


– Stay in the sun, especially during peak hours

– Take hot baths/showers

– Use petroleum-based products that trap in heat

– Use fragranced/colored products

– Exfoliate a fresh burn

– Scratch or pick itchy skin

Remember, you do not need to spend long hours in the sun to harness the endless physical, mental, and

spiritual benefits! Just 5-20 minutes early, or late in the day when the sun isn’t at maximum, will work

wonders for your health.

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