Enhancing the Healing Power of Food Through Touch

Sep 29, 2017

Connect With Your Food on a Deeper Level

What if food could be tailor-made to afford your body, mind, and soul all that you need to survive and thrive? The truth is, that’s exactly what is intended by nature. When we grow our own food, as Anthony William teaches us in Life-Changing Foods, it evolves specifically suited to our individual healing needs. Every tiny seed we plant knows exactly who we are and just what we need, even if we don’t know yet ourselves. It knows everything we’ve been through, down to our very core. And every hand that tends the seed as it sprouts and grows, every hand that waters and feeds it, weeds the soil, ultimately picks, ships and stocks it, holds this same magical connection. Our gardens actually want to grow with the perfect blend of nutrients to faithfully protect us, body and soul.

If that isn’t amazing enough, God and Mother Earth give us the opportunity to access this same powerful upgrade to our food, even if we don’t grow it ourselves. Of course, the produce we get at markets and grocery stores has been grown and handled by so many others with their own healing needs. So how do we create that personal connection with our market-bought bounty?

To counteract those effects and make your food purchases your own, here are a few techniques that go far beyond preparing food with love and gratitude. These practices truly make what you eat the most beneficial it can be for your specific struggles, on both a body and soul level. While it’s best if you can do all three for your produce haul, just one of these techniques will have a powerful effect.

  • A few times a day, run your hands over your precious produce. The fruit ripening on the counter, the items sitting in the fridge—take a moment when you’re walking by to touch them, just as when walking by a beloved pet, you would connect and make contact.
  • Talk to your produce like the dear ones they are: “You were grown for me. We were meant to be together. There was just a delay in that process, and now we’re finally united.”
  • Before cutting into (or otherwise prepping and eating) a fruit, vegetable, herb, spice, or wild food, hold it in your hands for 30 seconds to give it the chance to attune to who you are and what you need.

-Anthony William, Life-Changing Foods

That’s it. So simple. But even still, in our rush to get out the door, or during the flurry of preparing our family meals, we can forget this ultra-valuable step.

Here’s one way to remind yourself: When all your food is laid out for prep, get in the habit of slowing down, taking a breath and pairing this powerful technique of touch with a call upon the Angel of Enrichment. After all…

This angel enhances the nutrition of the Holy Four, amplifying the strength of phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients and tailoring them specifically to your needs, so that food can truly be your medicine. (Life-Changing Foods )

By combining these two beautiful tools, it can become a beloved ritual before food prep, much like saying grace before meals.

Just knowing that the ability to enhance the healing power of our food is literally at our fingertips is a miraculous gift — a gift we can give ourselves every snack, every meal, every day.

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