From Deprivation to Abundance

Oct 27, 2017

It’s all About Abundance

So often we hear people embarking on a healing lifestyle describe their newfound way of eating as restrictive, framing their diet in terms of what they can’t have. But with the Medical Medium way of life, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, abundance is in every cell of this lifestyle.

Importance of Healthy Snacking Throughout the Day

First, Anthony William is tirelessly encouraging us to eat copious amounts of the Holy Four food groups: fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, and wild foods. God and the Angels have provided us with endless varieties of these life-changing foods, so we can stick with our tried-and-true favorites, if that’s what we desire, or sample new and exotic produce every single day for years to come. Grazing steadily throughout the day is not only best for healing, but is also an all-around healthy way to eat. What could be more plentiful than snacking all day on nature’s bounty?

Eat Fruit in Abundance

If you’re one of the multitudes of people who have been told by well-meaning but misguided practitioners to completely avoid or severely limit fruit in your diet, then you’ve known the real meaning of deprivation. Thanks to Anthony and Spirit, we have the freedom and joy of eating fruit to our heart’s content. In fact, not only should we eat a healthy variety of fruits, but for maximum benefit, we also want to eat more of each specific fruit: three apples a day, four oranges a day, at least half a melon per day, figs in multiples of nine. Yes, please! This is a kind of abundance most of us have never experienced before. In fact, we’ve endured the exact opposite all our lives… always worrying about eating too much of this or that, and feeling guilty when we did.

The Healing Power of the Holy Four

Then, there is the miracle of abundance within each individual piece of fruit, leafy green, herb and spice, and wild food. Every bite of produce is overflowing with healing powers beyond our wildest imagination.

…even if science someday discovers the thousands of phytochemicals and other nutrients that these foods really contain, and the hidden powers they have to address health conditions, it will not touch the greater mystery of how these foods bring us healing on every level. That’s because each of these foods possesses a miracle aspect that comes only from God and the universe. Over the decades of sharing Spirit’s healing wisdom about the Holy Four food groups, I’ve watched these miraculous qualities transform so many people’s lives —that’s why I call these the life-changing foods. If you make a commitment to bring them into your life consistently and in abundance, they can do the same for you.

-Anthony William, Life-Changing Foods

A perfect example is the miracle of manifestation waiting for us all in a sweet tiny blue package.

If you want to know one of the secrets to manifesting abundance, it’s the wild blueberry. I know, that’s not what you’d expect! And yet it’s true. These little berries are that powerful. When you are striving for anything, when you want to live a life of bounty and blessings, turn to wild blueberries and watch the magic happen.

-Anthony William, Wild Blueberry Blog Post

Yes, there’s actually a wild food that wants to help you live a life of abundance! So grab yourself some wild blues and kiss that restrictive mindset goodbye. This kind of richness just doesn’t exist beyond the Holy Four. And knowing that these gifts from God literally grow on trees brings gratitude for every sweet morsel.

Just knowing what these foods do for you can make all the difference. When you understand that fruits are cancer fighters, vegetables flush out acidity, herbs and spices build the immune system, and wild foods help us adapt to stress, reaching for these foods transforms from a chore into an opportunity.

-Anthony William, Life-Changing Foods

Because we now understand that certain foods are not in our healing interest, we’re not “depriving” ourselves of anything. Instead, we’re choosing to let detrimental things go as we shower our bodies with all the good we can. It’s a different mindset — a mindset of abundance. And when we consider the sheer blessing behind the way we choose to nourish ourselves, everything begins to shift, including our language, our attitude, and most importantly, our health.

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