Health Trends Holding Us Back From Healing

Aug 17, 2017

With all the health trends and myths out in the world today (and more popping up seemingly overnight), it’s no wonder that misinformation and confusion plague our every health decision. Keep in mind that just because something is trendy doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true or accurate. There have been many misleading health fads throughout the years and today’s health culture is not an exception. Unfortunately, many of the current trends are steering us in the wrong direction when it comes to true healing. Today I’ll separate fact from fiction–I’ll be discussing some of the health trends that I find to be particularly widespread and are getting it all wrong in regards to real healing.

Cutting Out Fruit

Cutting carbs has been around for a while and still does not appear to be going anywhere. When people indiscriminately cut carbs, that includes fruit, but we have to remember that fruit is our saving grace and if anything, most people are not eating enough.

Many people also cut out fruit as part of an anti-candida diet, treatment for autism, for dental health or in an effort to reverse an autoimmune diagnosis. Popular diet trends like the Paleo diet and especially the Ketogenic diet limit fruit as well. Many people think the brain runs on fat. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, glucose is what we run on and our brains only accept two forms of it–fruit and raw honey. When we don’t have enough, our brain and every other organ in our body suffers in the long run. This is especially true for growing children.

It’s time to bring fruit back and celebrate its abundance! Eating fruit regularly will protect your liver, nourish your reproductive system, soothe your adrenals, and bring your brain back to life.

There is no other food–and no pill–that enhances so many of your bodily functions as fruit.
-Anthony William

Overdoing it on Protein

If you’re getting enough plant-based calories, you’re getting enough protein. Adults need only 5% protein per day, any more than that is taxing on our organs, especially the liver, kidneys, and pancreas. Children need even less than 5%.

Like many health fads, we have to examine where an idea began, and why. Large corporations and powerful special interest groups have had a very large part in forming many of the dietary ideals we still hold today. In reality, we have no medical issues from a lack of protein at all (in modern times), we do however have a plethora of diseases and health issues fueled by too much protein. Here are a just few…

  • High cholesterol (which contributes to heart disease)
  • Declined kidney function
  • Increased risk of osteoporosis
  • Increased risk of cancer

Additionally, if you’re pounding protein, there’s little to no room for antioxidants (found in fresh fruits and vegetables), which is what we truly need as they protect us from oxidation.

Fermented Foods

Digestive upset is on the rise and one popular and trendy remedy for this is eating plenty of fermented foods. While ferments did play an important role in our history, it’s important to understand that it was because it was a matter of survival, not because they held any particular health benefits. These foods could be stored long term without refrigeration, and without them, many would have likely starved.

Even though they were vital at one time, we now understand that they are not life giving or important to healing any type of digestive disorder. The bacteria on these foods that we think of as being so beneficial actually thrives on decay. If you’re dealing with any kind of gut issue, it’s best to steer clear of fermented foods and focus instead on bacteria that thrive on life. These “elevated biotics” can be found on the leaves and skin of fruit and vegetables, especially sprouts. We can access these living miracles by eating high quality organic, fresh, raw, unwashed produce.

This powerful and life giving biotics nourish us on every level and are heroes for restoring digestive health as well as improving methylation and a B12 deficiency.

The Idea of Autoimmunity as a Whole

If you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, you know what an off-putting and strange idea it is to be told that the cause of your illness, is you. It can lead to self-doubt, self-hatred and keep you from trusting the miraculous body you live inside. Autoimmunity is a poisonous idea that has kept so many people from fully reclaiming their health. In truth, the human body does NOT attack itself. It is far too brilliant! The cause of your suffering is a very likely a viral or bacterial infection that is deep inside your body. Recent trends may list viral activity as one possible trigger of an autoimmune disease but this is overcomplicating the issue at best. The viral activity is the issue itself. Your immune system is not attacking you, it’s doing exactly what it was made to do; it’s going after the invader. Your body is always doing its absolute best to keep you healthy, no matter what it’s facing. This is a radical shift in perspective and provides you the ability to treat the real cause of what’s really plaguing you. Once you move past the autoimmune mistake, everything changes.

Eggs as a Health Food

Eggs are thought of as a quality source of nutrients but anything they have to offer is completely overridden by how damaging they are for us in our current day in age. In today’s world, we need to think in terms of what feeds viral and bacterial activity vs what foods are naturally antiviral and anti-bacterial. Feed disease or fight it. For anyone trying to heal their body of some type of ailment or illness, especially PCOS, cysts, tumors, and fibroids, staying away from eggs is absolutely imperative.

Although free range/backyard eggs are an improvement from standard conventional eggs, they, unfortunately, feed disease the exact same way and should also be avoided.

Anthony William probiotics

This information is sourced from Anthony William, “Medical Medium”. His healing information is radically improving the lives of thousands of people around the world and it has worked miracles in my own health as well. If you want to read/learn more about these topics and much more, check out his bestselling books!

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