Helping Kids Function at Their Best

May 25, 2018

Ensuring Our Kids Get Everything They Need can be a Challenge

Imagine if every child were raised to love and enjoy foods that heal the body? We would see less dis-ease, less obesity, a decrease in eating disorders and body image issues, and less developmental delay.

Kids go to school and have one scheduled lunch break, maybe a snack, one water fountain break and that’s about it! Some schools now let students bring a water bottle, some don’t.

How in the world do we expect kids to function at their best while their brains are being starved of calories, glucose, mineral salts, and hydration?

Whether your child is learning how to navigate the college cafeteria or head to preschool, the basics remain the same. We have to get creative when it comes to ensuring adequate glucose, calories, mineral salts, and hydration.

The Empowered Moms Course Can Help

Are you on a mission to transition yourself child/children/family to a plant-based diet?

Are you struggling with preparation, sensory issues, food refusal, birthday parties/holidays/events and eating “differently”?

Are you struggling with vacations and travel, packing a healing lunch box, setting boundaries around those that don’t agree with your choices for healing, healthy snacking, proper hydration, and brain support for school days, or building your Mama Medicine Cabinet?

This is A LOT, and we will cover it all in our course, Empowered Moms, which starts on June 4th. Join us and a TRIBE of Moms on a mission to heal.

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Empowered Moms starts June 4th!

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More About Kimberly

Kimberly comes with two decades of experience working with moms and children. After struggling through her own diagnosis of “Lyme” and “Hashimotos,” she found incredible results and lasting healing through the Medical Medium protocols. She is now utilizing these protocols in her practice and has created this course to empower moms looking to do the same for their families.

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The course begins June 4th! Join a TRIBE of Empowered Moms.

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