2021 Holiday Wishes, Gift Guides, and Directory

Dec 21, 2021

Sending Holiday Cheer!

Whether it’s the holiday season or throughout the year, I am so frequently asked to share my recommendations for products of all kinds! This information is shared in different places throughout this website, but for ease of finding all of the goodness, I am sharing and linking individual pages below.

Gift Guide

I am eager to share some of our very favorite products and companies so that you can find clean and safe products to share with your loved ones—or even to gift yourself! (Let’s be honest, you deserve it!!) Here is a link to my holiday gift guide .

Note : Companies make changes to products at times so we always encourage you to do your research to make sure you make choices that are right for YOU.

Just for the Babies

Particularly as a new mom, it can be a lot of work to determine which products are right for your baby. I’ve taken out some of the guesswork by sharing some organic/eco-friendly/non-toxic suggestions. Just know that this does not include ALL available products out there as new companies and products are always popping up. Check out my non-toxic baby registry .


I love supporting new and smaller companies that offer products that we can feel good about using. Here is a link to coupons/discountsfor some of my favorite brands.


Keeping it simple is usually my motto for food, BUT sometimes you may have the time and energy to create something more advanced. Here is a link to all of my recipes .


I have recipes and more in our free eBooks ! Here you’ll find some tips and instructions for how to make smoothies, dips, and so much more!! (Please note, these ebooks may not stay free forever, so grab them now if you are interested.)


I discuss anything from recaps of my journey and childbirths to tips on physical and emotional/spiritual healing and more!

Below are five of my most popular posts to get you started.

  1. Grains and Beans – Good or Bad?
  2. Autoimmune Healing – Where I Started
  3. Foods to Help with Breastfeeding
  4. Is Fish Oil Dangerous for Your Health?
  5. Fertility and Miscarriage


I also have a great deal of product recommendations which you can sort by kids, baby, supplements, kitchen, self-care, food, books, and more. 

Consultations and Courses/Reboots

  • 8 Day Reboot – Enrollment is open now for my Jan. 21st group! Join a group for daily support and motivation, complete with daily meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, eight days of mini-lessons, and video recaps. There is an option to follow the reboot as designed, or, use this as the beginning of the 28-day cleanse or 3-6-9. Use the foundational principles within this reboot to keep going long-term.
  • 21 Day Challenge – On each of the 21 days of this program, you will be given 4 opportunities that will facilitate healing of the mind, body, and spirit. 
  • Empowered Moms – The next session will be in early spring 2022. Stay tuned for more details soon. 
  • Consult with ROH – Consultation options include: 1 Hour Health Intuitive Reading, 2 Month Support Package, and 6 Month Support Package, and Pregnancy + Fertility Support Package.

I am so honored that you are choosing to spend some time on this website, and I hope to see you in my upcoming courses. Best wishes for a joyous holiday season and a phenomenal 2022! 

With love,

Dr. Kimberly and the ROH team

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