Homemade Almond Milk

Jul 22, 2021

“How do I get my toddler off cow’s milk?”

I’ve shared the intimate details of not only my journey but my journey into motherhood, with so many of you in my course Empowered Moms – Surviving & Thriving in a Toxic World. In that community, I’ve connected with mamas 3 times each year since 2017!

Today, I want to share a few FAQs about the first year of nursing and feeding and answer one of the biggest questions I get.

How do I get my toddler off cow’s milk if I’ve already started that habit.

Almond milk medical medium

Personally, I have never given my kids cow’s milk. I am aware there is a level of comfort surrounding this issue. I’ve even seen it tear families and marriages apart because in our toxic world this is just SO controversial—I get it! I implore all mamas to do the research and talk to their individual pediatricians and practitioners before making these decisions.

So what did I do?!

My daughter recently weaned at 3.5 years old, and my son self-weaned at 18 months. For him, I continued to pump until he was 2. I then weaned him from the breast milk with avocado milk, and eventually replaced that with smoothies. I was knee-deep into Medical Medium healing at this point, so my decision was already made. I wasn’t worried about calcium, as I knew he was getting greens, seaweed, fruit, peas, lentils, and seeds. I was also aware of how much more absorbable plants are, over processed cow’s milk.

Additional Questions/Concerns

BUT Kimberly, I’ve already given that white creamy milk to my toddler, and they won’t take avocado milk.

  1. Try, try, and try again! Check out my blog about introducing new foods to kids!
  2. Try almond milk or coconut milk! Yes, we must be mindful of fats, but one step at a time, Mama!

BUT Kimberly, all of the almond milks and coconut milks out there are highly processed and full of junk.

I have you covered! You can make your own almond milk in about 3 minutes using the recipe below!

Homemade Almond Milk Recipe

As more families are transitioning to eating more plants and less processed foods, some are searching for cleaner alternatives. When it comes to plant-based milk, many families fall short in finding clean alternatives. Many commercial products are loaded with preservatives and “yuck” ingredients, which is why I wanted to share my super SIMPLE, homemade almond milk recipe with you today!


  • 1 cup raw almonds (150 g)
  • 3 cups filtered water

Optional Add-ons:

  • 2 small pitted dates (soak and drain before blending if firm)
  • Pinch vanilla bean 

How to Make:

  • Measure out a cup of almonds and place them into a bowl. Pour filtered water just to cover them and leave to soak for 6 hours (or overnight). When ready to make, drain and rinse the nuts. 
  • Add the soaked almonds and 3 cups of filtered water to a blender jug. You can also add the optional dates and vanilla at this time. Blend very well, for at least a minute.
  • Strain the almond milk through a nut milk bag, squeezing the nut milk bag to get every last drop and leaving a very dry pulp in the bag.
  • Transfer the strained milk into a glass jar or milk bottle and keep covered in the refrigerator. Shake before using. Consume within a few days. Enjoy!

Nuts (especially walnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds, and cashews) hold important trace minerals such as zinc, selenium, and manganese. Almonds in particular strengthen nerves and bones. -Anthony William

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