How do I get my kids to drink GREEN juice?!

Sep 7, 2018

Health Benefits of Green Juice for Kids & Adults Alike

I receive lots of messages asking me how in the world I get my 3-year-old to drink straight celery juice. Now that most of our little ones are back to school, we are all thinking even more about what we can do to encourage healthy eating during this exciting and often stressful time. Incorporating healthy green juice into your child’s diet can especially be a challenge if you’ve got picky eaters.

Celery juice is amazing—it has so many health & wellness benefits. It has tons of vitamin C and K, calms inflammation, is highly detoxifying and hydrating, helps to balance your body’s pH and keep you in an alkaline state, and because of the high concentration of mineral salts in celery it helps support good neuron function—this is a huge pick me up for the brain! While you can incorporate other vegetable juices and fruit juices with it such as red apple, fresh pineapple, cucumber, kale leaf, and more, it is most powerful/effective when consumed alone and on an empty stomach. Here are my tips for getting to that point with your kids.

8 Tips for Getting Your Kids to Drink Green Juice

1. Start them young!

I was lucky enough to start my son on this journey of drinking #celeryjuice when he was under a year old. He started with just a few drops. See my stories for a picture of the baby starting her daily celery juice habit!

2. Lead by example.

Kids love to do what Mom and Dad are doing. They become curious and typically want to do the same.

3. Use Red Apple

If they don’t love the taste at first, adding some red apple is the perfect way to make it more palatable. And of course, organic fruits are always best if possible.

4. Or Start with Red Apple and Cucumber

If celery/apple is still too strong or detoxifying for their taste buds, start with cucumber + red apple juice.

5. Decrease Red Apple Over Time

Once your child is accepting celery juice + red apple you can decrease the apple over time.

6. Ice Pops!

Kids will eat ice pops of fresh juice pretty easily. Also great for teething!

7. Use Fun Accessories

FUN straws and cups! Never underestimate the power of a new cup or a twisty straw.

8. Help Them Feel Grown Up

Let them drink their “green power juice” from a “big boy/girl cup.” Again, motivation!

More Info + Recipes

Hope these tips help! For more information, check out Medical Medium’s radio show about celery juice on SoundCloud.

Love smoothies and juices? Here are some Medical Medium green juice recipes and smoothie recipes to try.

Get the recipes

Have a great weekend, and happy juicing!

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