Life-Giving Foods for Giving Life

Mar 16, 2018

So many of the powerful life-changing foods that exist on earth to nourish and heal our bodies are also, literally, life-giving foods. We know, from Anthony William, that we must “eat fruit to produce fruit,” but did you know that the life-giving qualities of Mother Nature’s bounty should be front and center for the actual birthing process as well? Yes! Put down the ice-chips and pick up some wild-blueberries, honey, and dates.

Foods to Support Childbirth

For laboring women, it is important to get adequate nutrition throughout the entire process, especially if you experience a longer labor like I did. If you keep up your food intake (and eat the right foods), this can help lessen some of the physical effects of the childbirth such as labor pain, nausea, vomiting, and headaches. You may not feel very motivated to eat a lot during this time, but you and your body are working very hard, so start with light meals of healing foods throughout the day.

During my beautiful daughter’s birth this past November, I had an arsenal of these supportive foods in my birthing tool-kit. Each one provided me a different type and level of support depending on where my body, mind, and spirit were throughout the long 48-hour process. These are some of the foods I incorporated during labor, and why:

(Information from Anthony William, Life-Changing Foods)


…the high potassium and fruit sugar content is perfect for refueling the brain and muscles, which rely on glucose to power us through…

…the amino acids in dates, such as leucine, help elevate the fruit’s potassium to its highest potential in sustaining and fortifying muscles and nerves. This process also stops lactic acid from taking over the body when it’s under stress.

Isn’t it incredible that dates also teach us to shift from selfishness to selflessness? How perfect is that for the birthing process? You can try raw granola bars of dates and dried fruit for a quick pick me.

Wild Blueberries:

When you eat these berries, their innate intelligence reads your body….monitors your stress and toxicity levels, and figures out the best way to heal you—it is the only food that does that.

Wild blueberries have more inspiration to offer us than even the best motivational speakers on the planet….

Wild blueberries are the sole food on the planet to contain the full power of the divine, the Holy Source, the universe, and they are revered by the angels as the key to keeping the human race alive in the coming times.

Who doesn’t want THAT power inside you when bringing a new human being into the world? I sipped on wild-blueberry smoothies made with wild-blueberry powder.

Coconut Water:

Skip the sports drinks sugary fruit juices and stick with clear liquids–more specifically, coconut water–to avoid dehydration during labor and delivery. This was my go-to liquid throughout for both hydration and whenever I needed an energy boost. First of all, Anthony teaches us that coconuts supercharge all other foods you eat with them, so that brought even more power to my dates and wild blueberries. But there was even further benefit:

Coconut water provides vital glucose and critical mineral salts, including potassium and sodium, to the bloodstream.

…coconut water’s trace minerals and electrolytes nourish your reproductive tissue.

Raw Honey:

At the end of the labor process, I had raw honey by spoon every few minutes. Its highly absorbable glucose and more than 200,000 photochemical compounds refueled me and allowed my body the energy to literally continue pushing through the long labor process.

And how beautiful it is to take in a miracle food while our bodies are performing the ultimate miracle of giving birth.

If you feel out of touch with miracles, then reacquaint yourself with honey. Unprocessed honey in its raw, living form is nothing less than a miracle from God and the earth.

There are other foods to consider too, such as avocados, “the mother fruit,” and Atlantic sea vegetables, which ground us and deliver 50 health promoting, ultra-bioavailable minerals, while creating electrolytes for stress assistance. For continued energy and adrenal support, I was also drawn to red apples and sips of red raspberry leaf tea. These foods are truly all gifts from God as we are bringing the ultimate gift into the world.

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Here is a further glimpse into my birth story, from my doula’s perspective. In the next few blogs, I will share more about the supplements and other “props” that played a key role in my labor process. I can honestly say that living a Medical Medium lifestyle has not only changed my life in untold ways, it has given our family miraculous new life—a beautiful baby daughter and sister, Braelyn Mae.

A glimpse into my birth story

VBAC baby girl arrived on November 9 after 48 hours birthing!! (Vaginal birth after cesarean!) Past her October guess date it began November 7 at 8 pm and after exactly 48 hours of unmedicated birthing, Hypno-baby Braelyn Mae arrived our world at 7:55 pm naturally at 9 lb 4 oz. After over a day of consistent pressure waves (contractions) exhausted still at 4cm, mom released her emotions and fears about a repeat cesarean. Her first birth was scary and traumatic. She expressed her fears and replayed trauma of her first birth with us. We honored her, we reminded her that this is a new beautiful birth, and that she was doing it.

Birth was filled with beautiful intense emotions, physical challenges, consistent counter pressure, and mom continued to change positions, in and out of the birthing tub, using her natural instincts and accepted every suggestion to birth her baby. Mom pushed for 4-5 hours and then her moment was here… she reached down and their beautiful baby girl was in her arms.

“Fear is what got me through. I was MORE afraid of a c-section and more trauma. My birth was extremely hard-but not traumatic! I guess I can say “old fear” because I had very little fear of going naturally.” She shared and released her fears with us although what WE saw throughout her entire birth was fear that she overcame with COURAGE, STRENGTH, DETERMINATION, AND CONFIDENCE.

It was an honor and joy to be part of this special family’s beautiful birthing. They mean so much to me. We were fortunate to have a calm, supportive environment and to work with an incredible midwife. All birth is beautiful, all birth is unique. Going on 6 years as a doula this birth experience was truly unique to any birth I’ve had the opportunity to support. I can’t possibly describe this 2-day birth in an announcement. One strong mama! Mama, You inspire me and I thank you for inviting me in to be a small part of your pregnancy and birthing journey. So proud of you. You did it! Thank you for sharing your birth as I know you inspire many other families. Congratulations to a very special family of four. #VBAC #Hypnobabies #unmedicatedbirth #VBACaccomplished #VBACthat #wowbirth #ilovewhatidoula

Birth Story written by Doula, Keli

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