Marvel at the Beauty of May

May 15, 2020

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Natural Beauty, Skincare, and Self-Care

May is a great month to celebrate BEAUTY! Not only is it the month where we honor our mothers, but it’s the month when Mother Nature delivers the flowers after a month of rain. It’s a time of lightening. We can finally shed our heavy clothes, feel the fresh breeze on our skin, and start to feel freer as the temperatures rise (while still remaining comfortable). As we move toward the middle of May, our wish is that you all may recognize and appreciate your womanly strength and beauty! To help you enrich your feminine power, we wanted to share some of our favorite ways to look and feel your best with some natural beauty tips and skincare products.

Quite Simply, Get Outside

This is the perfect time of year to make it a priority to get outside! There is just something about feeling the warmth and brightness of the sun on your skin, isn’t there? Getting some direct sunlight so your skin can absorb more immune-system-boosting vitamin D is highly encouraged. As Anthony William has shared, sunlight helps maximize ALL vitamins and minerals for essential health and body care.

Also, know that some clean outside air away from dry (and sometimes toxic or germy) inside air can do wonders for you! While you’re out there, add to the benefit by getting some movement (a walk, a bike ride, gentle yoga in the grass, etc.).

Medical medium sunscreen

Moving around gets your blood flowing and supports healing. Gardening is a great way to combine movement while contributing to the beauty of the earth. Planting flowers or produce in a garden allows for plenty of beauty and healing in your future as well.

I recommend spending a maximum of 20 minutes per day with the sun directly on your skin, but beyond that, protective clothing, and/or a clean sunscreen is highly recommended. We’ve been using the suncare products from Beautycounter. The Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30, and Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Stick, SPF 30 are rated 1 and 2 on EWG (Environmental Working Group) respectively, and I absolutely love them!

Use the link for Beautycounter products. By purchasing with this link you will keep in touch with our team as I continue to explore and share clean beauty.

Pamper Yourself with Clean Skincare Products

I have shared time and time again that skin is an inside job, but what we put on the outside matters too! I am frequently asked about the natural beauty products that I use and recommend. I shared many of them on our post on detoxifying your skin but wanted to highlight some specific products/product lines today as well.

Countertime from Beautycounter

A few cleansers and moisturizers, I am LOVING are from the Countertime line from Beautycounter !

I love them because they’re clean, effective, and just look so. darn. pretty. in their pink glass bottles! They’re intended for “mature + dry skin” as they “reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, visibly firm and even skin tone, and provide instant and lasting hydration.” Oh, and they actually work! While you’re shopping, their face oils are heavenly too!

Dew Dab

I also love the Dew Dab from Living Libations!

It’s described as a “soothing spot-on serum that is designed to diminish the appearance of fine lines, scars, bumps, blemishes, couperose, and melasma on your skin.”

Retinol PM Eye Cream

Any mama who is… well, a mama, needs some good eye cream! I love the Retinol PM Eye Cream from 100% Pure.

This product is “hydrating” and its “potent concentration of anti-aging vitamins, stem cells, and peptides promotes collagen production, elasticity, and lessens the appearance of wrinkles.”

If you’re ready to put a little time into your beautifying process, see our blog on how to do an  at-home facial.

Tarte Cosmetics

Once your skin is washed and hydrated and your eyes are looking a little less sleepy, I recommend checking out some natural makeup from Tarte ! They have everything with natural ingredients from lipgloss and lipstick, to mascara and eyeliner, to highlighter and concealer. They’ve got a wide variety of vegan and cruelty-free products too!

Especially during this time when we’re all stuck at home, putting on some makeup can do WONDERS for your attitude and wellbeing. Keep in mind that while a large portion of Tarte’s cosmetics are considered clean beauty products, checking each product on  EWG ’s website or app will guarantee that the ones you’ve got your eyes on (or lips or skin) will be ideal choices.

Do Your Hair! (But Seriously, Consider It…)

These are easy times for ponytails and messy buns, but think about styling your hair if you need a personal pick-me-up! Just tapping into your feminine beauty by spending a few minutes to get yourself together might be what gets you out of a funk.

Of course, just like with our skin, what we use on our hair matters! Some of my favorite hair products are from Beautycounter , and I also like AnnMarie Gianni’s new hair care products too!

Get a Sample Kit with AMG Skin Detox + 3 serum samples… for $10! ($50 value) by using this link

Wear Clothes that Make You Feel Good!

I get it, it’s a weird time in life right now where pajamas, leggings, and workout gear are most women’s go-tos. What I want to say about that is – if you feel your best in it, then wear it! (I totally love YogaClub  if yoga clothes are your thing! The sports bras are functional, yet feel sexy and strappy and the yoga pants hug all the right places.)

Save $20 on your first YogaClub box by using my personal link:

On the contrary, if you find yourself in a rut and you’re feeling down and bored with yourself (or life!), consider making a change to your daily attire! Believe it or not, putting on some jeans or a flattering top can change your whole attitude! Heck, go crazy and wear a skirt or dress if you’re feeling it!

Do What Works for You

I totally understand that some people may feel that elaborate skincare, makeup, doing one’s hair, and even dressing up might not be that important, but we are here to say that IT CAN BE! We are WOMEN, we are FEMININE, we are BEAUTIFUL! Natural beauty is amazing, but if adding some sparkles, curls, or color makes a difference for you, then by all means, do it! On top of that, if you’d like some more recommendations for self-care, check out our Self Care Tips for Women  blog.

Right now I am working on a course on this very topic of EMPOWERING women so please stay tuned! In the meantime, if you’d like to reach out to me for a consult, I’d love to support you in working toward greater health and wellness.

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