“Medical Medium Liver Rescue” & Liver Health

Nov 9, 2018

“Medical Medium Liver Rescue” has arrived!!

It’s quite rare that we hear people talk about the importance of our livers. We are taught to look out for the health of our brains, our hearts, our lungs, and more (and all rightfully so), but our livers deserve some attention too! This is why I’m SO excited about Liver Rescue by New York Times best-selling author, Anthony William!!

Why Your Liver Health is so Important

You might be asking… “What’s so great about the liver?” Anthony, The Medical Medium, shares that the liver performs over 2,000 critical functions, working diligently both night and day.

Our livers work incredibly hard to filter out bugs – viruses and bacteria – as well as toxic heavy metals, harmful chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides.

Anthony goes on to share that the liver has its own immune system that is on guard against anything harmful. It helps process and handle the things we consume, including the things that are not so kind to our bodies (fat, protein, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, environmental toxins). What a powerhouse!

Another aspect that is so enlightening is the emotional aspect of our livers. Yes, our livers even have emotions!

…with the sophistication of being able to perform over 2,000 chemical functions comes the ability to think for itself. The liver decides when to access the power of these chemical functions – it can make its own decisions. It also stores the information of our lives.

When someone receives a liver transplant, she takes on the patterns that the donor exhibited. The liver recipient becomes emotional in ways she never did before. She experiences new desires, new thoughts, new beliefs, new habits, new expressions, new food cravings, new hobbies, new dreams at night – she could have the same dreams the donor had when she was alive – and new dreams in the sense of goals and aspirations.

Health Issues Related to Poor Liver Health

Being that we all have livers (and can’t live without them), it’s definitely time to start realizing why this organ should be taken care of, appreciated, and celebrated. So many of us (and/or our loved ones) deal with health problems such as digestive issues, acne, brain fog, emotional struggles, and more, which can all be tied back to our liver function. Let’s break these issues down a bit with information from “Medical Medium Liver Rescue.”

  • Digestive issues – A burdened liver will produce lower-quality bile and have a lower bile flow. This can impact how our body breaks down food and lead to bloating, constipation, “IBS.”
  • Acne – Acne is a result of our livers harboring a chronic, low-grade level of Strep. (Antibiotics also play a huge part in this issue, and this is further explained in the book!)
  • Brain fog – Believe it or not, brain fog stems from the liver (and partly the brain).
  • Emotional struggles – Anxiety and depression can come on when the liver gets viral or overloaded, which then affects the brain.

“That’s the power the liver holds – because it’s a living, emotional, thinking, breathing, functioning part of our bodies.”

The information I’m sharing today is just the tip of the iceberg! You’ll find chapter after chapter of conditions related to our issues with our liver health, as well as guidance on how to care for your liver and transform your life. The recipes are also amazing! (Wild blueberry mini muffins? Potato bruschetta? Yum!) I know I can’t wait to dig in deeper as I continue to go through the book. I hope you will find it to be just as helpful to you and your loved ones’ health and well-being. And as always, please reach out to Reclaimers of Health for an individualized plan on how to maintain a healthy liver and more!

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