Our Body as an All healing, All Forgiving Mechanism

Feb 7, 2019

The Lie We’ve Been Told by Modern Medicine…

As moms, we constantly have our minds and our plates incredibly FULL! In addition to the hustle and bustle of regular life, many of us have also been forced to add illness or the illnesses of loved ones to the chaos. Once illness rears its ugly head, it suddenly becomes a mandatory time to slow down, educate ourselves, and become more in touch with our bodies. Thankfully, our bodies—when taken care of properly—have shown us time and time again that they are always on our side. We just have to push ourselves to be mindful that they are NOT the enemy, they are not to blame.

So frequently, those of us diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (Lyme disease, Hashimoto’s, colitis, Type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, connective tissue diseases, and so many more) are told by traditional health care professionals that “the body is attacking itself.” This results in feelings of confusion, disappointment, and total betrayal. Particularly, when there are few answers given about the “cause” or the “solution” to these mystery physical conditions, it is so easy to lose hope. Just as often, we’re told that we’re suffering because of our genes. When we feel so incredibly off, and then we’re made to believe that there’s “nothing we can do about it,” that’s enough to make a person want to throw in the towel.

I’m so grateful that this is just not true! Our bodies are all healing, and all forgiving!!

Self-Healing Begins with Belief

Then, once we have been sick, many of us begin to doubt our bodies. We shudder every time a stressful situation comes our way. We think, “Great! More stress to take me down!” but that just isn’t true. While excessive amounts of adrenaline aren’t good for us, our bodies are designed to adapt and handle the ups and downs of life. Thankfully, Anthony William is spreading the word about the healing power of the body and bringing us hope! Once we know and BELIEVE that our bodies are self-healing and that our OWN healing is possible, we actually expedite our bodies’ ability to heal even more.

Your body is not self-destructive. And your body is not searching out healthy blood cells to harm and kill off. In fact, your body is doing the opposite. Every day your body is working for you. It is on your side. Your immune system cannot do one thing to harm a single cell in your body. It has never been able to do that, and it never will do that. When we know this deep within our being and replace the lie with this truth, something begins to change. That barrier that was once in your way is obliterated, and your path to healing becomes clear and unhampered.
-Anthony William

The Unforgiving Four

As Anthony William explains, dis-ease happens as a result of the  unforgiving four : Viral Explosion, DDT, Radiation, and Toxic Heavy Metals.

Each of these four health threats can wreak havoc all on their own, but when a combination of them are present in us, they can really get a strong foothold and cause an incredible amount of suffering over time. Oftentimes, someone won’t even think they have anything wrong with their health until later in life when they experience a rush of symptoms for the first time and chalk it up to menopause, are diagnosed with a disease, or the doctor doesn’t know why you have depression, headaches, anxiety, fatigue, or another mystery symptom and says it’s all in their head. Really it’s The Unforgiving Four at work.
-Anthony William

Healing is Possible

As we adopt an open mind, clean up our environments, and incorporate more foods and habits that nourish both our physical body and well-being, our bodies are always exerting their life-giving power to balance and heal at the same time. Remember, they are all healing, and all forgiving!! In summary, HEALING IS POSSIBLE!

Healing for You and Your Family

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