Dec 27, 2018

From the outside looking in, people who are not on a healing path are often quick to judge those who are. We’re viewed by others as “perfectionists” or “uptight” or even “the moms who can’t just give their child an ice cream cone (or a non-organic apple).” We’re viewed as restrictive, and even ridiculous.

Realistically speaking, those who are on a healing path are anything but restrictive. We are BRAVE and are walking the path of resistance to improve our health and the health of our families. So frequently, we are walking this path because we have been BROKEN, not because we are trying to be the perfect mother/person/anything. The goal is to reverse symptoms and show our children lives that we hope are free of the same pain we have endured.

Most times, those doing the judging have never walked through a major health struggle or have had to deal with children experiencing food allergies/intolerances or chronic/mystery symptoms. Those of us who have lived this nightmare know that it’s an ongoing challenge. As a result, we are judged for not believing in a band-aid approach and are criticized for our eagerness to get to the root cause of illness or dis-ease. Most people (both children and adults) are dealing with a slew of unnecessary symptoms that have just become their “normal.” These symptoms are handled by a frequent need for antibiotics/medicine or are labeled as “delayed development.” These individuals are told that it’s “genes” or happening “just because” when in reality these things have everything to do with the condition of the immune system and the foods going into their bodies. Of course, not everyone’s journeys have led to the same point. We are often forced to learn for ourselves when experiences occur. While I pray these symptoms never come to a debilitating head for others, I also refuse to allow others’ views of perfectionism to stop me from doing what’s best for my family. Healing is abundance and healing foods are what our bodies are designed to have!

At the same time, although unrealistic, we as mothers frequently find ourselves striving for perfection. As moms, we think, “if I can just do this” or “If only I’d do that…” then my family will have better health, will be more successful, etc. etc. We put A LOT of pressure on ourselves as we aim for the impossible goal of perfection.

Clearly, it’s not about perfection. It’s not about being the perfect wife, the perfect mother, the perfect friend, etc. It is not even about having perfect health, providing and eating perfect meals, giving our supplements perfectly, or having a perfect routine. It’s about balance… and it’s also about confidence. It’s about using the tools in our toolboxes in emergency situations to maintain the quality of life we are seeking. It’s about asking the right questions and becoming advocates for our families. It’s about using our pain and what we have gone through to SHINE our light for those walking a similar path behind us. It’s not about being a perfect mother or doing anything perfectly. It’s just about being a good mom and prioritizing the health and well being of our children!

Every parent wants their child to be healthy and thriving. Not only do we want our children to be healthy while they are under our roof, but we also want to set them up with the best possible health from a young age so they can avoid or minimize chronic illnesses as adults.
-Anthony William

As we are knee-deep in this holiday season, we’ve got to let go of all anxieties dealing with the word PERFECTION. We cannot worry about how others are viewing the way we live our lives. (We need to remember: OUR family, OUR choices.) We also need to take time to give ourselves some grace. With some brainstorming, some planning, and ultimately, some execution, we can do great things for our families. Setbacks will happen, craziness will ensue, but when it comes to our own expectations and goals, we must remember that the aim is progress, not perfection.

As you work to juggle all of the ups and downs as 2018 comes to a close, I want to wish you and your families a healthy and happy holiday season and a happy new year filled with lots of progress!
<3, Kimberly

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