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Jun 1, 2017

Clearing Our Bodies of Toxins

As we are healing, it is important to clear our bodies frequently of the environmental toxins we encounter on a daily basis. While we live in a beautiful world with many awe-inspiring gifts, we cannot ignore there are also problems–most of them created by humans–that are unavoidable. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the substances and objects that come into contact with our bodies every day are all tainted with toxins or pathogens. We can do our best to minimize these exposures, but it’s inevitable that some will still get through.

It can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially if you have been healing for a long time and environmental pitfalls keep breaking the rhythm we have restored inside of us. We must be vigilant though and do our best to not get discouraged, and we must remind ourselves that regular detox is a necessary part of the healing process and that it must be maintained.

About Reclaim Teas

That is why I love Reclaim Teas and the mission they are on to help others heal, reclaim their health, and clear their bodies of toxins and pathogens. Their loose leaf teas are organic, wildcrafted, and homemade using the tea formulations from Anthony William’s,  Medical Medium book. Currently, they have four blends available, with the most recent addition of Plastic Clear. The others include Pesticide Clear , Reclaim Tea (with anti-viral, immune-boosting herbs for EBV), and Radiation Clear. I highly recommend making these teas a part of your regular diet to support your ongoing healing journey.

As a family that has been healing for most of our lives from various illnesses, finding Anthony William was a huge blessing. We began following his recommendations for healing EBV, Heavy Metal Detox, and other things immediately upon reading the first book and very quickly saw results.

As a person who’s been working on an organic medicinal herb farm for several years as well as growing my own herbs for tea in my organic gardens, I’ve gotten to know the plants personally and have seen their awesome yet gentle healing power works wonders in my family and others.

The teas Anthony recommends are all so wonderfully healing and powerful, yet gentle enough to drink daily. When we added them to our healing regimen, we saw great strides in our well-being.

I became acutely aware that not everyone has the same accessibility and working knowledge of the plants and that I could help others by making the beautiful teas we were making for ourselves accessible to others by sharing them online. That’s how Reclaim Teas came to be and that’s why we’re here. As a tiny family business, we have been taking it slowly and adding in one new tea blend at a time and we’ll continue to do so until we’ve got all of Anthony’s recommended teas available and then who knows what we’ll stir up! We’re so honored and grateful to be able to share in your healing paths!

– Shauna of Reclaim Teas

Remember, if we are following Anthony William’s teachings and making our best efforts to live a clean lifestyle where we are connected to nature and what our bodies are telling us, then we can and will heal. Stay strong and never give up.

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