Red Light Therapy at Home – Uses, Devices and Benefits

Jan 14, 2024
A woman holding a red light therapy mask.

To understand the benefits of red light therapy, we must first unpack what it is and when I see it most effective in my personal practice.

What Is Red Light Therapy (RLT)?

A treatment that emits low wavelength red light that is most widely recognized and discussed for its ability to improve skin’s appearance (reducing wrinkles, acne, redness, stimulating collagen, improving skin texture) and can also assist with other symptoms and conditions including skin cancer, psoriasis, cold sores, warts, improve scars, reduce inflammation in cells and pain, increasing blood circulation, helping with gum recession and more. This therapy is non-toxic and non-invasive and is also completely different from ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun (sunlight is very beneficial with proper exposure, but we know some can be sensitive to the sun/heat while healing) or tanning booths (not at all recommended and harmful to the body).
NASA is said to have discovered the origins of this technology when it experimented with plant growth and used it to help heal astronaut wounds. 

Red Light Therapy Devices You Can Use at Home

Not all red-light devices are created equal. I prefer ones that have Low EMF exposure, and you should, too. I like red light heating pads. Smaller pads are specifically designed for knee pain, and larger pads are for back support. Handheld red-light devices are also available to target specific body parts, and oral red-light devices are on the market.

Fun fact: many biological and holistic dental clinics now offer red light treatments during visits. Lastly, and most popular on the market, are red-light face masks to target fine lines and speed up skin healing.

Types of RLT Devices

Heating pads can ease discomfort during women’s cycles when and if cramps and abdominal pain arise. 

The knee and back pads can target chronic inflammation and pain or speed up recovery from physical injuries. Handheld RLT devices are particularly helpful for targeting certain pain points and are easy to use at home. They can also be considered an effective tool for speeding up the disappearance of cold sores, herpes, eczema, psoriasis flares, and other skin conditions such as acne. 

Finally, the oral red light device can be quite helpful for those struggling with gum recession, small cavities, yellowing teeth, tooth decay, gingivitis, and more.

Many women, in particular, enjoy the benefits of red light for aesthetic reasons alone. Estheticians and skin enthusiasts favour it because it accelerates skin healing. It utilizes light energy in different electromagnetic spectrums to stimulate fibroblast growth factors. 

Red light therapy is non-invasive in stimulating collagen formation, resulting in a plump, smooth, glowing complexion. It can also improve the following:

  • Wound healing
  • Fresh stretch marks
  • Wrinkles, fine lines and age spots
  • Facial texture
  • Scars
  • Sun-damaged skin

Clients have also reported benefits since including red light into their routines for symptoms related to seasonal affective disorder, gum recession (dental), anti-aging benefits, chronic pain, and inflammation support.

I enjoy the benefits of red light therapy and incorporate red light into my personal wellness routines at home. 

Watch some of my preferred red light products in the pelvic floor health reel and women’s immune system reel!

Remember that chronic inflammation and pain are symptoms and should not be mistaken for the root causes of any condition. There’s always more to the story with physical pain, including pathogens and viral load, external toxins, heavy metals, radiation, and unproductive foods.

Supplements for Reducing or Managing Pain

Alpha Lipoic Acid
California poppy
Lemon Balm
B12 and B complex

For dosages, speak with your practitioner or learn more in my Empowered Wellness Circle Monthly Membership.

Topicals to work with supplements or on their own:


My Favorite Supplements for Kids:

Arnica (homeopathy)
Lemon balm
B vitamins

Topical Supplements:

Clove essential oils diluted into a carrier oil can be used (age and sensitivities permitting).

Topicals to work with supplements or on their own:


If you cannot tolerate supplements or supports taken orally, consider supportive topicals mentioned in this post, such as simply sipping ginger tea or Epsom salt baths or using warm/cool therapy— switching from a warm water bottle to ice packs on the needed area. When in pain, the body is in distress, the adrenals work harder, producing stress hormones, and the liver works to soak up the extra adrenaline. It is helpful to get the pain under control while you keep working away at uprooting underlying causes.

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