Setting Intentions for the New Year

Jan 2, 2020

New year, new beginnings… How to show up as your best self in the new year!

Lots of people are talking about New Year’s resolutions this time of year…and why not?! It’s a great time for a fresh start as one year closes and another begins. It should go without saying that I am totally in favor of anyone making positive changes any time of year, but I’m eager to add a different spin to the typical one-size-fits-all New Years’ promises.

The definition of resolution according to the New Oxford American Dictionary is “a firm decision to do or not to do something.” From my perspective, resolutions are typically rigid and tend to be quick one-liner goals such as, “I will exercise 5 days per week” or “I won’t eat dairy.” An intention, on the other hand, is defined as “a thing intended, an aim or a plan.”

To compare, an intention might sound more like, “I will make exercise a greater priority in order to become more physically fit” or “I will work toward eating more plant-based foods in order to better my health.” Intentions focus on the goal or purpose behind a specific action or set of actions, rather than on the actions themselves. By intention setting, one can feel good about their personal growth and consistently move in a positive direction…even when daily perfection isn’t achieved. Resolutions, on the other hand, can be easily broken and can result in feelings of failure or inadequacy once broken. Here are some ideas to consider as you set your intentions.

Leave behind what no longer serves you

Eliminate/reduce bad habits

As the goal with an intention (or even a resolution) is forward progress, you may want to take this time to also check in with yourself about bad habits that might be holding you back. Such habits could be emotional (thinking negatively about yourself, your health, or your job, comparing yourself to others, etc.) or physical (eating foods that don’t make your body feel good, going to bed too late so you’re perpetually tired, etc.). Try to think of ways to turn these habits around so you can be in a better space to make positive change.

Cleansing the old with herbs and oils

Herbs or essential oils like sage, palo santo, and frankincense, are great for cleansing negative energy, letting go what no longer serves you, and bringing an intention of peace, light, and happiness.

Cleansing the physical body

Anthony William has shared so many ways to detox and cleanse our bodies, most of which are featured in his  books. I specifically recommend checking out the 28 day cleanse , liver rescue cleanse, thyroid cleanse, and to also remember that many individual foods have powerful cleansing properties. I especially love lemons (and all citrus), celery juice, cucumber juice, pitaya, and of course the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie. No matter what route you take, you’ll want to place a BIG focus on raw fruits and vegetables!

When our bodies are carrying a heavy toxic load and then we’re eating in ways that add even more of a burden, things start to really break down. But, thankfully, our bodies can heal and recover if we give them the right support. – Anthony William

Start new routines

Make a small change each week or month

Rather than setting one large and definitive goal, break your daily intentions into smaller, more achievable objectives. If your end target is to be more physically active and/or physically fit, consider starting with walking. You can start with a small number of minutes or number of times per week and then aim to increase each as you are able. Once you have added consistent walks to your routine, consider adding jogging or an additional means of exercise. If your goal is to eat a more plant-based diet, start small and eliminate one subcategory of food (AKA non-healing foods) at a time. Move to another group once you’ve found success with the first.

Focus on your intentions—and seal them within your heart!

To complete this action, try focusing your awareness on the intentions you have set. Consider what each intention means to you and the power it has to change your life. Once you have done this, plant the intention in your heart and seal it there. This allows the intention to work for your highest good because you are holding it close on your deepest level. Imagine this act as the act of planting a seed (the intention). It will live in your heart where you will nurture it, and it will blossom, supporting you in becoming your best self.


Anthony shares that “any activity that you find relaxing, that reaffirms your sense of self and helps you recharge, can have a meditative quality. These activities include bike rides, swimming (especially in “living” water, such as an ocean or a lake), exercising in other fun ways (e.g., dancing, jumping on a trampoline), listening to music, reading, praying, getting extra rest, caring for a pet, learning a new skill with new people, spending time with loved ones, getting a massage, and taking baths with Epsom salts and essential oils.”

In Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness , Anthony also shares various additional ways to meditate including observing waves at the beach, surrounding yourself with trees, bird and/or bee watching, collecting stones, gardening and/or fruit picking, and several more.

These are exercises that may seem simple on the surface – but if you understand their depths, they have the ability to reverse disease, reclaim your soul, and cleanse negative energy to make room for your best life. – Anthony William

Generally speaking, when you set intentions or personal goals, you’ll want to make sure you set your sights on goals or intentions that suit YOU. Don’t allow yourself to set goals based on other people or on the views of society, etc. As always, I support all of you making the necessary changes to be your BEST selves any time of the year! I encourage you to take whatever steps make sense to YOU in order to break bad habits and set and aim for positive intentions moving forward.

Set Intentions and Stick to Them. I’m Here to Support You!

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