Welcome Stress as Your Teacher

Nov 10, 2017

A Shift in How We Think About Stress

As human beings on planet Earth, we are all intimately acquainted with stress. We are also intimately acquainted with the many stress-relieving techniques we’ve been taught and are no-doubt diligently trying to incorporate into our lives: meditation and breath work, exercise and yoga, organizing, and paring down our to-do lists whenever possible. All of these obviously bring benefits, yet we’re still stressed. We’re even stressed about being stressed. We know we need something to relieve the overwhelm from the pressures and demands we face minute by minute. The
answer is a simple but powerful shift in our thinking:

A critical step in adapting to our modern world is to stop seeing stress as an adversary.

-Anthony William, Life-Changing Foods

In fact, Anthony teaches us that we need to begin to view stress as our friend. It may seem counter-intuitive, but just think about all the ways stress is there for us in activities we label as positive – caring for our families, excelling in sports, acing a presentation at work, performing creatively on stage. Stress is a necessary part of existence. It’s what drives us to move forward, in all aspects of life.

Without stress, we would lose our will, because will is built upon constantly succeeding, rising above, and breaking through to the other side of stress.

-Anthony William, Life-Changing Foods

What’s not necessary—and is so very harmful—is the stress-induced toxic treadmill of excess adrenaline we run on every day. It’s true that too much of this adrenaline is corrosive and “can take us down,” as Anthony says. That doesn’t sound like a friend, does it? But this is where that critical shift in thinking comes in. Because when we view stress as a necessary and welcome teacher, it’s our ticket off the treadmill.

Stress is not trying to kill you. It’s a master teacher that is trying to communicate with you. It’s trying to test you—though it’s not about any sort of score. Just being chosen for this test makes you instantly successful. The world is becoming something new and different. You’ve been recognized as amazingly capable and a key player in seeing the world through this challenging age of the Quickening. We’ll only come out on the other side of this era of rebirth if committed people like you learn to recognize stress as an honor and to use it to their advantage.

-Anthony William, Life-Changing Foods

This information is so much more powerful than any stress-busting method out there. We’re no longer struggling to manage stress, or futilely trying to train ourselves to just let it go. Anthony and Spirit have given us the key to a life-saving technique, which actually allows us to energetically counter adrenaline reactions.

The approach of seeing stress as a messenger, friend, teacher, mentor, body worker, and coach makes stress less stressful. It is a powerful technique to help us grow and adapt to the challenges of our time. When you feel sorry for stress, appreciate it, and recognize it as impermanent, it doesn’t send the same jolt of excess adrenaline through your veins—it doesn’t take the toll on your body that it would otherwise. So go ahead, watch what happens when you greet stress with this new perspective. I can’t wait for you to feel the relief.

-Anthony William, Life-Changing Foods

The relief is real and it’s available to you right now. Try greeting and addressing your stress out loud, if that works for you. Hearing the words—as you welcome stress like the good friend and teacher that we now understand it is—can truly ground you in this process and release the fear that stress has always triggered. Because there is nothing to fear when we view stress this way; in fact, there is every reason for calm when you’re armed with a mindset that can radically change your health.

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